Prepared: Surviving Worst Case Scenarios

Good read. Fantastic information on how to be ready.

Prepared: A Manual for Surviving Worst-Case Scenarios is fantastic all-around. It's a wonderful read because it's written well. Mike Glover also structured the book like a tree. He starts off talking about your internals. and then working outwards from yourself to your whole lifestyle.

I am going to bitch about one glaring error he made. I forgive him, he was a grunt. He used the words "Navy" and "F-16" in the same sentence. The Navy doesn't have any F-16's, the Air Force does. Naval aviators fly F/A-18's. But I'm just a Squid with OCD issues.

Mike starts inside of himself, and by extension, you. He talks about the mental mindset to "Embrace the Suck" and be resilient in what happens to you and around you. He patiently and clearly explains the why of how we respond to things, and most importantly, how to defeat the negative traits of those behaviors.

He them moves on to planning, which is still inside of yourself. He does a wonderful job of emulating Thomas Sowell, with questions like "And then what?" and "What if...?". You have to be prepared mentally to do the things that need to be done, you also need to realize what you need to do, what to have and where to be when things go wrong. Working it out beforehand is way better than "playing it by ear" in the middle of the crisis. He clearly lays out situational awareness as well.

Then comes making the decision and carrying it out. You already do so many of your daily activities by rote, why not survival in a crisis?

Now we get to chapter 5, and he finally steps out of his/your head and starts talking about what you should have on you or within your reach at any waking moment, your EDC (Every Day Carry).

Chapter 6 he takes another step outside (see my tree analogy now?) and he starts talking about his vehicle. What it is, what it has for gear and supplies.

The last chapter extends to the end of his Circle of Influence, his home. How to harden it, how to set it up, what to do in the house in case of situations. I like his idea of shouting a name to his wife and children, which would tell them where to go. Front door, back door, or to the master bedroom to get out the window and down a ladder. A very important part is about being a good steward of his land and resources, and a good neighbor.

I've said this elsewhere on this website, "When you go to training, when you get there make sure your magazines are full and your ego is empty." In other words, be ready to learn. Have everything you need already set up and listen to what you are told without filtering it in your head. I'm proud to say I'm already about 70% in line with what he talked about in this book. And I already see what parts of his advice I should and will follow, and which parts I can't and why.

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