The no-win scenario

Despite what Kirk believes there are "no-win" scenarios when you've defended yourself.

So, you have defended yourself. You are now at the mercy of the District Attorney, who holds the power and authority to charge you with crimes related to your defending yourself. The job of that DA once they decide to file charges is to put you in prison.  And there is no evidence in their minds which is exculpatory (showing innocence) or mitigating (actions that would recommend leniency or dismissal of charges).

Let me explain. If you used FMJ ammo, the DA will describe it to the jury as "you used weapons of war." If you use JHP, you become a "bloodthirsty killer, trying to inflict maximum damage." Do you carry a trauma kit as part of your personal EDC (on-person)? "He was out looking to cause a scene so he could use it!" If you have a trauma kit and you use it, "By helping the guy he just shot, he was expressing remorse and admitting guilt for shooting him!" How about you have a trauma kit and you you don't use it? "He wanted the guy he shot to die!" And I've already talked about "Manly Man" cosmetic alterations to your weapon in Blinging Your Blaster.

Now let's break each point down. If you're not a firearms guru: Full Metal Jacked (FMJ) is range or target ammo, and used by armies on the field of battle, due to the Geneva Convention. Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP) are your self-defense ammo and is more effective than FMJ when stopping the threat with a higher change of survival. With FMJ, you have to put more holes in your attacker to stop him, and more holes == faster bleeding out. While a JHP, by creating the temporary air cavity creates a shock through his entire central nervous nervous system, stopping him with fewer shots. Less holes == slower bleed out == higher chance of surviving being shot. The point is, a JHP is more humane than a FMJ.

For the trauma kit, a reasonable person might carry one in case they are the victim in a mass shooting, or some other type incident. The decision on to use it or not is up to you. I am told a dead body is a lot more expensive than a living shooter who testifies against you. And if you hear about the "Good Samarian" law, or "duty to render aid," this is the criteria on if you cannot be held liable if you don't provide aid, or providing bad aid if you do.

As always, check the states you carry in. Generally, the only people who are required to render aid are medical professionals like doctors and nurses. If you're not a medical professional and you do render aid, the Good Samarian law shields you from civil liability if you make the situation worse. An acquaintance of mine back in the 80's happened across a bad motor vehicle crash. He carefully pulled the lady passenger from the car, using one hand to hold and stabilize her head and neck as he pulled her out and laid her down. She ended up living, but was paralyzed from the neck down from injuries she sustained in the crash. She would have died if he had not rendered aid. The lady sued him, but lost because he saved her life, acted within his training and attempted to help.

The Good Samaritan law does not protect "too much help." Let's say, let's say this guy decided she needed a tracheotomy. Let's say he had an appropriate tracheotomy kit. Let's say he learned how to use it just by watching YouTube videos instead of being trained and certified by an accredited instructor. In this case, he just turned into a piñata and his ass is going to get beaten severely, because he provided advanced care that he was not properly trained on how to do it correctly.

Before I close this article out, no matter what you did or done, the DA will paint you as a bloodthirsty killer, looking to kill at the slightest provocation. If you have carry insurance (you do have carry insurance, right? RIGHT??) they will provide expert witnesses who will calmly, carefully and clearly communicate to the jury that you were prudent in what and how you carried, you acted in a reasonable manner and counter the DA's portrayal of you.

The point here is, carry and act prudently so you survive the fight. Don't let potential decisions that a DA that may or may not exist alter your kit to your detriment.

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