Behavioral changes when strapped

You're going to start doing things differently when you carry.

I've mentioned "innocence before the law" in one of the other articles under this header. It means that after a defensive fire situation, if you and witnesses can testify you tried all reasonable attempts to deescalate the situation (and didn't escallate it), your chances of getting a charge as a "participation trophy" go way down. 

As you go about your life being strapped, you will find yourself being way more polite, courteous and even deferential to other people. You'll smile more, because not only will you have confidence in being able to handle what might come your way, but who's going to get into the grill of a smiling man other than an unrepentant flaming asshole, someone who has determined to start something and you're the target? Self-depreciating humor will also become part of your repertoire, since if someone insults you in order to start an altercation, you responding by insulting yourself will certainly rob the aggressor of any justification to escalate the situation, not to mention confuse them, hopefully giving you the oppotunity to quickly and quietly extract yourself from the situation.

And when it comes right down to it, this world right now needs a lot more smiles, politeness and courtesy, don't you think?

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