Prepping 101

To start with, “prepping” is an Americanized verb of “to prepare."

Every Citizen a prepper

Every Marine a Rifleman. Every Sailor a Firefighter. Every Citizen a Prepper.

Personal Defense

What you need to know about things that go “BANG!”

Lessons learned

Life gives you the test first, then the lesson. Study beforehand.

Deep Thoughts for prepping

Things to think about now, before the emergency is upon you. “Winging it” will only end badly.

Practice, practice, practice!

Practice will not only get you to Carnegie Hall, but it will get you through a crisis alive as well.

Food and storage

No matter your situation, you gotta eat.

Get home or get out

To paraphrase The Clash, “Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?”

Everyday Carry

Because of my particular circumstances, I only carry an “Every Day Carry” (EDC) kit. Here it is. Updated June 2023.


Don’t chip a tooth.

Biden Stew

Family meal. Bland and cheap. Which is good during times like these.

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