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Are you an American?

I came across this the other day on FB, in one of the pages I frequent. I provide the post here, edited slightly for clarity. Read it, then read it again.

Collectivism is never about the Collective.

A month or so ago I joined a Facebook group. I learned after a short time that the admin of the group had left, and it was more or less a free for all. Cretins were posting porn (really nasty porn) scams, ads and pretty much anything regardless of the intended topic of the group. However, the group members, still numbering almost 50,000, did nothing but complain.

So, I took it upon myself to begin reporting the porn each day (FB seems to take porn almost a seriously as it does political thought it disagrees with) and within a week it had almost vanished, those posting it giving up, to annoy other groups. But still the group members complained. I pointed out that, collectively, we as members, could report the scams and off-topic spam and if enough people agreed, the FB bots would remove them, admin or not.

The response?... crickets.

The group members were entirely passive to whatever was given to them and had no interest in working collectively to modify the environment they had voluntarily subjected themselves to.That is human nature.First century Roman historian Gaius Sallustius Crispus once said, "Few men desire liberty; most men wish only for a just master."Thus the foundation of all politics. A few desire to actively control and shape society while the rest whine for more bread and circuses. Good leaders promise discipline and hard work, and deliver prosperity. Evil leaders promise the bread and circuses and deliver slavery.Most people listen only to the promises and thus remain slaves.As I’ve said repeatedly, politics boils down to one of two core political ideologies: Collectivism and Individualism.The Individualists wants the freedom to determine his own life, future, wealth, safety and prosperity.The Collectivist (followers) are—as Sallust put it— concerned about a “just master”.However, the Collectivist leaders see the Collectivist followers as cattle to be herded, sheared, milked and exploited for the pleasure and prosperity of the Elite leadership. It’s never about the Collective to them, but about what they can squeeze out of the Collective for themselves.It only takes a while dealing with the Sheep to understand why, even initially-good-intentioned men, will often give up trying to better the environment and simply exploit the Sheep.

I have brought this here to make a point. It is ideas and concepts like this that lead to the creation of the United States and America. Not ‘The United States of America,’ rather AND.

It has been my point for years that being a citizen of the United States and being an American are two separate things. While millions of people are both, there are millions more that are only one. Being a Citizen of the United States merely entails being born within the borders of one of the fifty States of America, or one of the Territories claimed by the United States. You can be a Citizen by being born of two US Citizens outside of the US, or you can be a foreign national and go through the naturalization process set forth in the US Code.

Being an American is not decided by where you were born. It is decided within your heart. A need you can’t quite put into words, the closest you can describe it as a yearning to be free and to choose your own path in life, without an overbearing government micromanaging you. Americans are born every day across the globe. This is why these United States have immigrants from every other country in the world. People who shut themselves into cargo containers for two months to cross the ocean. Who cross miles of open sea in vessels that would have a rough time in a kiddie pool. Who walk across miles of open desert. These people risk their lives to do this. A third of girls and women are sexually abused at least once during such journeys. Or whose overloaded boats sank at sea with no one else in sight. Or those who bake to death in a trailer abandoned by the human traffickers when the air conditioner fails and it’s 100 degrees outside.

There must be something special in this place, not found anywhere else that inspires people to risk their lives to come here.

This sign sums it up pretty well. Read this one out load several times. If you can read this without choking up, a tear rolling down your face or your soul soaring, then I’m going to be pretty sure you’re not an American.

Americans Creed no meme
This is what has happened in the United States. Those in power have treated us all like sheep, not realizing that most people want to go on with their lives as they see fit and not be bothered.

“You go do whatever you want and leave me out of your beliefs and problems.” And yet, this is the one thing Leftists cannot do. They are so inherently insecure about themselves and their choices that they need not only acceptance, but enthusiastic validation.

And the real Americans are reaching the end of their patience. Both of my parents were WWII veterans. Dad was Navy, Mom was Army Air Corps. They told me about that Sunday afternoon on December 7th, 1941. How they felt and how everyone developed a slow, burning anger and a firm resolve to settle that issue once and for all.

I am seeing the smoldering anger in more and more people, the “Don’t make me get up out of this chair” attitude and resolve the issue once and for all, so they can be left alone.

The Japanese were taught that lesson. The Leftists are getting close to getting that same lesson applied to them. A good, solid, hard and long beat-down that their grandchildren will feel.

You have been warned.

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