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More Big Brother

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I found two related stories on The Drudge Report. Lost? Hiding? Your Cellphone Is Keeping Tabs obviously talks about how GPS technology in your cell phone that can instantly locate you. The other story is from the UK, Police call for remote button to stop cars talks about remotely stopping cars who are evading police.

These two related technologies show the best and worst side effects of technology. Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park asked, "Just because we can do something, does that mean we must do it?" Movies such as Enemy of the State and Changing Lanes show just exactly what can happen to a person if they become the target of anybody with such resources, and the capabilities of these people grow every day.

Identity theft is a prime example of a nefarious use of our interlinked society, where a couple of words and numbers in the right order spell disaster for thousands of people every day.

I don't like the technologies described in these stories, especially the "mandatory in the future" part of it. Every good reason you can come up with I can come up with two bad reasons, things that bad people can do to you.

I've asked this before, and it bears repeating: If I know everywhere you go, and you know I know, are you truly free? Can you honestly say your decisions on where and when you go are untainted by the knowledge that someone could be watching you? I spend great amounts of time online, and I do so with the knowledge that I am watched. Every website I visit, every email I send and receive is logged somewhere, ready at a moments notice for someone to look at. This knowledge does affect where I go and what I say. And I don't like it. It isn't for my protection, it isn't in my best interests at all, but it happens nonetheless.

These are the last days that we are truly free, if they are already not passed. Remember them well. They will not come again.

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Alert Level Raised

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I just got back from a MechWarrior tournament and saw the terror alert level raised.

Hat tip to Mike Hollihan for having this on his blog for me to see. Click on the Sesame Street icon to the right to see the entire spectrum. Hope it never gets to Elmo.

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It's working

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President Bush's long range plans are bearing fruit. Despite the lack of positive press coverage, things are getting better every day in Iraq. The capture of Saddam has put a large stake into the heart of despotism. Countries in the region are seeing that is far better to have us as a friend rather than an enemy.

Iran is screaming for nuclear inspectors to prove that they are not developing a nuclear weapons program. Time will tell. The mullahs have had to put down several pro-democracy movements, and the internal pressure is still building. External pressure via Iraq is also beginning to show in the fact that they are willing to have international inspections concerning their nuclear program.

Libya is begging us to take away their WMD and promising that they won't do it again. The history of Libya took a hard right turn back in the 80's thanks to Ronald Reagan. Qaddafi was making a lot of big noises, especially about his "line of death." A carrier group brushed his defenses aside and an F-111 dropped a bomb into the tent next to his. He was down right quiet after that.

I don't know if Qaddafi was directly responsible (ordered) the bombing of Pan-Am Flight 103, but he certainly is paying for it and a similar French aircraft bombing. He has been moving toward civility for some time, this WMD step is just the latest step. While the timeline is not exact, it indicates that the negotiations to get rid of Qaddafi's WMD started about the time we rolled into Iraq. I'm sure Qaddafi saw his own future in that attack.

The United States has played softball far too long. The world is a dangerous place, and we as a people need to realize that. Thank God that there is a man in the White House who is willing to play hardball with those who wish to do us harm. 9/11 came about because we were seen as soft. We must be seen as swift, unequivocal and fatal in our responses to keep us safe. Trying to be nice and being ambivalent with our military strength caused two towers to fall.

The most dangerous time of the world is yet to come. Terrorists must have nations as sponsors. That is how they get most of their money, their training bases and a pool of potential recruits. We need to convince (and I am sure we are doing so) these states that an NBC (nuclear, biological or chemical) attack on the US will result in at least a limited nuclear strike against those countries deemed responsible.

Retribution would likely come in the form of a Trident D-5 SLBM. Unclassified capacity is 12 warheads per missile, but I have heard that we only have 8 warheads each. Each of the 8 is a W-88 thermonuclear warhead, with a 475 KT yield, equal to 31 Hiroshimas for a total of 248 times the devastation. I hope the terrorist sponsoring countries do the math and realize it is not in their best interest to be on the wrong side of the US.

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Bumper Snickers

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I clicked thru an ad while doing my morning research, to Bumper Talk.

They sell the funny and thoughtful bumper stickers that you see on cars today. I myself would never dress up my car with these, I do understand why people do it.

I myself collect these witticisms, simply because they are cheaper than collecting cars or stamps. I have over 400 tucked away in a Word file, and I add to it whenever I come across something thought provoking or funny.

I use these witticisms as signature lines in emails and whenever I post on public forums. Here are my prior and present sig lines:

  • "Do not meddle in the affairs of Dragons, for you are crunchy and good with ketchup."
  • "Jesus saves, Allah protects, Cthulhu thinks you'd make a nice sandwich." (You need to read H.P. Lovecraft for this one.)

I know, I know, I've got a twisted sense of humor. But what can I do about it?

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Under God Update

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The Bush Administration has weighed in on the "Under God" case before the SCOUTS. Administration Asks Supreme Court to Support Pledge.

"The reference to a 'nation under God' in the Pledge of Allegiance is an official and patriotic acknowledgment of what all students - Jewish, Christian, Muslim or atheist - may properly be taught in the public schools," the administration argued in its 63-page filing.

I agree. "God" can equally mean Jehovah, Yahweh, Allah, and so on. While God names the One True God, there are many ways and Names to worship Him. Under God means that we recognize that our rights and power as a people come from Him. The rights and power granted by God do not go only toward Americans, but to all who recognize that fact. Too bad there are no other governments that derive their power from the people.

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Blogging works

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I talked about P E T A in this post, along with the front cover of their "comic." Well, I had heard some extra gross things today about the inside that I wanted to check out.

It turns out that URL to it is now dead. You come up with a placeholder search page. It seems that these people have discovered they bit off more than they could chew. Rather let the world see how truly radical their tactics are, they took it down. Remember, they want to tug on your heartstrings, and they can't do that while showing graphic images to young children.

Too bad. I think everybody should see what they want to show young children.

UPDATE: It was either unrelated down time or a denial of service attack, but it's back up. You can find it through P E T A's website, the obvious page. Sorry but I won't link to them.

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Living Wage

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This article, Living Wage Law Is Blocked in N.M. City is a sign that reasonable people are trying to stop a stupid law.

Earlier this year, the Santa Fe City Council set a local minimum wage of $8.50 for all businesses with at least 25 employees. The law was scheduled to take effect Jan. 1.

This is plain bad law, and the people who passed it know nothing about economics.

This is a wonderful Liberal idea, to make sure everybody is paid "a living wage" but as always, the reality sharply interferes with the ideal. Why did they stop at $8.50? Why not $10 or $12? When does the number become ludicrous? And why is that number so unreasonable? Why not just pay everybody $17 an hour, which translates out to the average income for the US? Any argument you can make for $8.50 I can make for $17.

I have already written that businesses don't pay taxes, they pass the costs along to the consumers in the price of the product. The same applies here. If these companies are forced to raise their pay level, they will have to either a) cut back on employees to save payroll, b) increase prices, or c) a combination of both.

Wages do not exist in a vacuum. Raising wages via legislative fiat translates into people losing their jobs and price increases somewhere else. It happens every time it's done. Every time the minimum wage goes up, the price of everything goes up a little to reflect the increased cost of doing business.

When will they learn?

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Blast from the past

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From inside the ring:

History lesson House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, California Democrat, in a statement in December 1998 supporting President Clinton's four-day bombing of Iraq:
"Saddam Hussein has been engaged in the development of weapons of mass destruction technology which is a threat to countries in the region and he has made a mockery of the weapons inspection process. The responsibility of the United States in this conflict is to eliminate weapons of mass destruction, to minimize the danger to our troops and to diminish the suffering of the Iraqi people."

This just shows how two-faced she is. She can support long-range bombing of targets that in the end do nothing, but when it comes time to actually do something about it, she is against it because a Republican is the one doing it.

She can say with certainty in 1998 that Hussein is a direct threat because he is developing WMD, but when President Bush says, "Let's not wait until he actually has them" Pelosi starts crying about where the WMD are. This is standard Democrat rhetoric, against anything Bush is for, just because he is for it.

Just for one day, I would like to see President Bush come out for gay marriage, just to see the Democrats come out against it. It will never happen, but it is a dream I have.

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Early riser

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Well, I normally stay cowered under my covers until 8:30 or so but since my Abilify is waking me up starting at about 5:30, I decided to get up an hour earlier. This will give me extra time to produce stuff to go with your morning caffeine. I hope you like what I write.

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Another sign of the Apocalypse

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I saw this on Drudge this morning, but he took the link down before I could get around to it. Here it is: Jacko Finds Islam

High-ranking members of the Nation of Islam have been working to bring Jackson into Rev. Louis Farrakhan's flock - and Jackson's conversion is now well-known in the NOI [Nation of Islam] community.

And we all know how reasonable and peaceful Rev. Farrakhan is. I think Jacko is clutching at straws to get him out of the hole he has dug for himself, and this is one more play on the public relations scene.

But then again, there is an old Arab adage that I heard years ago, "A woman for sons, a goat for pleasure, a boy for ecstasy." Maybe Jacko heard of it.

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I don't think these people are reasonable

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And these guys are planning on handing this out to children going to a Nutcracker performance. Fur flies over flier: P E T A targets "Nutcracker" kids

"And the sooner she stops wearing fur, the sooner the animals will be safe. Until then, keep your doggie or kitty friends away from mommy - she's an animal killer.''

I will be the first to admit that the conditions that these animals are kept under and killed are deplorable. I commend P E T A for wanting to improve the conditions of these animals. But inflicting such propaganda on children is beyond horrendous. It shows that these people have no boundaries at all. This would severely and permanently traumatize a child who is supposedly going to have a fun evening with their parents. It is these kind of people who make me wish that Klingon pain sticks were real. I'd declare open season on these people. The sad thing about it is you can't change the mind of anybody who would hand one of these to a child. These people are sickos and there is very little you can do to them.

On a side note, I'm sure you know these "people" will spray paint anybody who wears fur, destroying the clothing. Well, some people got the bright idea to "go right to the source" so to speak. They decided to start spray painting the baby seals directly, so the seal hunters wouldn't go after them. They got that part of the plan right. The bad news is a baby seal needs that white coat to make it invisible to polar bears. They become easy to see with a large stripe of bright red paint on them, and polar bears know how tasty baby seal is. So the animal is directly doomed to death by their actions instead of having a fighting chance to grow up. So much for well thought out plans.

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Another step towards Big Brother

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A while back, I handed out a reading assignment, This Perfect Day by Ira Levin. It was a world where you wore a bracelet with your nameber (Mark GH 7246931) and every time you passed a station, you stuck the bracelet in to have it scanned, so UniComp knew exactly where you were at any given moment.

Of course, back in the 70's when the book was written there was even no concept of Wi-Fi, the Internet, RFID tags or any of the technology that surrounds us today.

This article, Summit group confirms use of ID chip talks about having RFID tags in the security badges used by the attendees.

The technology exists today to track your every movement. The only hurdle is the individualistic notions of the American people. Once that is out of the way, it would be a relatively minor cost to install RFID scanners throughout the country. Then the only thing left is to install the chips in every person. Mark of the devil anyone?

Oops, there goes your freedom. Because if I can track everywhere you go, are you truly free?

Of course, this will start small. Chips in sex offenders and scanners nearby schools to keep them out. Then all criminals and prisons, then in kids (because you've already got the scanners in the schools). Once you get them into the kids, that is the point where everything is lost. Because if you can get the kids to grow up and think nothing is wrong with it, then all the fighting is over. Adults can wail all they want, but if the younger kids accept it, there is no younger generation to carry on the fight.

When missionaries invaded (correct word) foreign lands, the first step to converting the local populace was to teach the missionaries language to the local children. This drove a wedge between the children and the older generations, with their customs. Once that wedge was in place, it was relatively easy to destroy the old culture and replace it with the missionaries culture. It took 20-30 years, but it happened.

That is where a lot of people learned incrementalism. Take small steps when possible, don't give up ground and hope the other side doesn't catch on to what you are doing. That is what Liberals have been doing for the last 40 years and they have been good at it. The bad news is the people of the US is starting to catch on to what the Liberals have been doing.

Let's hope they wake up all the way and combat this incrementalism.

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This guy is stupid

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This is shocking. You can read the whole thing here: Gen. Wesley Clark The piece before the transcript is total gushing cotton-candy fluff. Yecch.

General Wesley Clark was on Hardball December 8th and had this to say:

Well, if I were president right now, I would be doing things that George Bush can't do right now, because he's already compromised those international bridges. I would go to Europe and I would build a new Atlantic charter. I would say to the Europeans, you know, we've had our differences over the years, but we need you. The real foundation for peace and stability in the world is the transatlantic alliance. And I would say to the Europeans, I pledge to you as the American president that we'll consult with you first. You get the right of first refusal on the security concerns that we have. We'll bring you in.

"You get the right of first refusal on the security concerns that we have." Wow. If he was in charge, he would surrender the security of this country to other countries that have had a vested interest that is in opposition to our own security.

Let me say that again: He would give the power of deciding what is in the best interests of our country to those countries that have interests in conflict with ours. Countries that would never allow us to respond to attacks upon the US in such a manner so as to make sure they won't happen again.

On 9/11, the terrorists took this fight to a new level. No longer were they concerned about getting the infidels out of their territories, but rather the destruction of as many infidels as possible in their home country. These fanatics will not rest until either they or America is dead. We didn't start this war, and the only way to finish it is to kill all of the terrorists, because surrender is not part of our vocabulary. And Clark is willing to prevent us from doing that because he wants to make nice with France and Germany.

France and Germany are not against us just because they had interests in Iraq, but because they view themselves as being a counterbalance to us. Just like the Democrats are against anything President Bush is for, just because he is for it, so are France and Germany against anything the US is for.

To surrender control of our security to those who work against us is ludicrous. I'm glad he doesn't have a snowballs chance.

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Blatant discrimination

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These "conservative bake sales" where you are charged according to your sex and skin color are really offensive. To the Liberals. The one thing they can't stand is being made fun of while strictly adhering to the principles they hold dear. Liberals hold disdain, and hatred of them as badges of honor. It (to them) reinforces that they are right. What they can't stand is laughter. Being laughed at offends their sensibilities.

Orwell would be proud, because Liberals believe that some people are more equal than others, namely themselves. In order to assuage their guilt of being more equal, they want minorities to have two bites at the apple to make up for past injustices. So instead of picking the best qualified candidate regardless of skin color for any position, they force unqualified candidates, primarily minorities, into positions where they have little real chance to hold onto what they have been given a shot at.

To put a person, regardless of color, into college when they struggled through high school is an injustice to that person. The chances of them surviving four years in college is very slim. I myself was in a similar situation. When I joined the Navy, I aced the entrance exams. A recruiter looked at me and asked, "How would you like to go to Annapolis?" That is the Naval Academy where you go to become an officer. I turned it down. I knew I would have never made it. I had a 2.8 GPA in high school and someone with that level of studying skills has no place in a high pressure situation like a military academy. Hell, I almost flunked out of my Electronics Technician school twice. If I would have accepted and had been admitted, I would have flunked out quickly and had denied a more qualified person their slot. That should not happen.

In the business world, putting an unqualified person into a position in a company is a dangerous proposition. A company depends on every person doing their job, and if someone slacks off, things don't get done and the company suffers. Normally that person is fired for not doing their job. But if that unqualified person is a minority who was specifically hired to promote "racial diversity," then you're stuck with a big hole that you can't do anything about. You're damned if you keep them, you're doubly damned if you get rid of him.

I'm not saying that you can't take a chance on a person. One of the major things that businesses hire on is potential. But I am saying that if it doesn't work out, then the company should be able to let him go without recriminations.

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