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Privacy? We don’t need no stinkin’ privacy!

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Via Slashdot: California Police Arrest Man in Bank PC Theft.

The guy who posted the article about this wondered about what kind of data is being transferred when you login or while online. After reading the money paragraph, I had the same question:

Investigators traced the computer to Krastof when he logged onto his own America Online account at home through one of the stolen computers, White said. That enabled authorities to connect the computer’s Internet Protocol address, a number that identifies a computer on the Internet, to Krastof’s home address through his AOL account, White said.

While this was a wonderful crime fighting tool, I’m not sure I like it, even with judicial oversight. In fact, I know I don’t like it. Anyone who wants to can get my IP address, find out my name and link it up with one or more serial numbers in my machine, then track me wherever I take my laptop. This is the kind of precursor that leads to identity theft. I’m just glad I don’t have an identity worth stealing. Who would want to be me?

UPDATE: My friend Mike wrote to me and tells me the inept, inbred idiot (my words, not his) used the AOL account already on the PC. Police, alert to any use of these accounts, had a hit and traced it back to the perp. Which does not change anything on what I said. Anyone armed with my IP address and the ability to hack into systems could still easily find out who I am and everything else they needed to know.

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Defining Liberals

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Ever since I joined the Rocky Top Brigade, the blogs I have been perusing have dramatically increased.

I backtracked a visitor to another Memphis blog, Musings of a Philosophical Scrivener… and happened across this Thought for the Day. I thought this would be a perfect chance to fine tune the broad brush I use to paint liberals.

He quotes:

My tribe is better than your tribe! It’s the oldest, dumbest pre-human instinct, hard-wired into our weak little brains by millions of years of natural selection. And to this day, dumb-asses believe what Prager said-they believe that “thinking people” agree with their views, and that people who disagree with their views are automatically irrational or devious. It’s tribalism at its dumbest-and it rules the world of the talk-show right, where the Limbaughs serve their credulous listeners frightening tales about “The Liberals.” Is my tribe good, and your tribe evil? Intelligent people know better.
–Bob Somerby

If anybody thinks anybody is evil, I think the Liberals fill the bill. You hear all the time “Bush=Hitler.” Even during the height of the Impeachment, I don’t remember anything like that being said about Clinton. Liberals are the elitists, seeing themselves as better than everyone else.

I do not see Liberals as evil, merely misguided children. The Liberal that I go after sees the world in an infinite spectrum of grey. Everybody’s idea (except conservatives) on how to solve problems is viable. They like to solve problems with the same thought process that they use to compare the writing style of Hemingway to James Mitchner (Don’t put too much thought into it, the answer boils down to personal preference). While there is more than one way to solve a problem, there are a finite number of solutions and they are similar.

When solving a problem, a Liberal looks at the intentions that were used to develop the solution. Results don’t matter, it’s how much he cares in solving the problem. If the solution didn’t work, expand the scope, increase the amount of money involved and try the same thing again. Which is the definition of insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.

Liberals also have a rather large set of blinders when it concerns solutions to problems. Any idea or solution that doesn’t fit their paradigm is instantly rejected, even if it has worked before. They are unwilling to try such solutions, even when they have no solutions of their own. Just take a look at the 9 dwarfs. They are all against the tax cut. They all want to get rid of it (which means RAISE YOUR TAXES). They all refuse to believe that increased economic activity and lowered unemployment brings in more tax revenues than higher taxes on a lower level of activity and higher unemployment. I can’t see why they think so. Kennedy cut taxes and doubled tax revenues. Reagan cut tax rates and had a similar return. Every indication of current activity indicates that tax cuts are 3-for-3 in bringing in more tax revenue than by raising taxes. So the only answer that I can see is they are against cutting taxes is President Bush is for it. This doesn’t mean that every one of the Presidents solutions are spot-on the first time, but at least he is looking to see what has worked in the past.

Conservatives like to look at the results of a solution to determine if it was successful or not. If it wasn’t successful, you see where you went wrong, change that part of the solution and try again. It’s known as a positive feedback loop. You continue to use what works and you stop using what doesn’t work.

Liberals do not see a person defined by what he is or what he has done, but rather by his skin color. Looking at two black people, he sees two black people. Me? I see a successful person and a poor person, who both happen to be black. See the difference in views? Liberals also believe that minorities cannot survive by themselves. The Government must step in to help them. Liberals believe that it is good for a business to hire or promote an unqualified minority over a qualified person. Jayson Blair (from the NY Times scandal) is a prime and visible result of such mindsets.

The same hold true for college admissions. If you want more minority participation, you need to turn out more minority high school grads that have the basic knowledge and training to survive in college. That is not happening today. To force an issue like this puts an unfair burden on the marginal minority student and denies an appropriate education to the student who has earned that spot.

Conservatives believe in incentives. If you meet a persons basic needs without them having to work, then they won’t work, no matter how successful they could be if they do so. If you tie rewards to their level of work, they will rise to their best level because they have an incentive. No work, no food and all that. Every person needs to rise to their highest level of potential. It’s just that the best some people can do is a job at Wal-Mart. It is these people who deserve our help. When they work as hard and as best as they can but still can’t make it, then they deserve generosity. Those who won’t work deserve nothing.

So let’s recap. If you believe:

  • Bush=Hitler;
  • There are infinite levels of grey instead of black/grey/white;
  • In problem solving, intentions are more important than results;
  • Any solution presented by a Conservative is automatically wrong;
  • It is proper to put an unqualified minority over someone who is qualified;
  • It is okay to judge someone by just the color of their skin;
  • Minorities cannot survive on their own without government help;
  • It is okay to give assistance to someone who doesn’t want to work;

If you agreed with any of the above statements, then you are in for a wild ride on this blog.

I am not really concerned with the who or what, but rather the why. I believe in doing the right thing for the right reasons. If you do the right thing for the wrong reasons, you will end up ruining the work you did and get bit in the butt over it. It make take years, but I promise you it will happen.

You have been warned.

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Happy Turkey Day

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I have to work today, but I don’t have to go back until Tuesday. Don’t worry, I’ll keep posting. It’s not like I have anywhere to go. My parents are gone, my sister is 750 miles away in Ohio and my family won’t have me.

Enjoy your family. You never know how dear they are to you until they are gone.

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Hard time for hard criminals

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This article, Upholding the law talks about getting the professional criminals off the streets.

I read in Reader’s Digest some years back that 7 percent of the criminal population commits over 70 percent of the crimes in this country. It is also proven that if you enforce the “small laws” such as loitering, vandalism, etc., then neighborhoods become safer because the people likely to commit these (and worse) crimes move on to somewhere else.

Several years ago, Virginia started “Project Exile” which was a hard stance on felons. A felon caught with a gun or even a single bullet was sent to federal prison for 10 years. And the federal system has no parole. If you get 10 years, you serve 10 years. Coupled with an aggressive ad campaign targeting criminals, crimes dramatically dropped. This idea has spread to other areas of the country. Even Memphis has something like this, but I don’t think federal time is involved.

The only factual error of the article is in the quote below:

But while the Patriot Act has allowed us to crack down on terrorists, it has proven to be no threat to the civil liberties the rest of us enjoy. Last month, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, California Democrat, told a congressional hearing: “I have never had a single abuse of the Patriot Act reported to me.” Mrs. Feinstein also contacted the American Civil Liberties Union – a frequent critic of the act – to see if they had any examples of violations. “They had none,” she said.

While the author might have used uninformed sources, there is contradictory facts, I wrote about it here.

It is a good thing to keep criminals off our streets for as long as possible. We will never ‘solve’ the crime problem, but we can make them think twice before committing a crime.

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Too much PC for PC’s

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This article rankles me. County deletes ‘master-slave’ PC term bends my brain into knots.

The terms master/slave and primary/secondary are totally different in technical terms. In a master/slave relationship, the master exerts at least some level of direct control over the slave. In a primary/secondary relationship, both units are considered equal, but the primary is used preferentially over the secondary. No control signals pass between units. To replace one term with the other will confuse the technical people who must maintain it. You troubleshoot a master/slave differently than a primary/secondary. I know, I was an Electronics Technician in the US Navy for 13 years, and spent another 7 years before I got sick as an IT guy.

When you have any group of people, any term will upset at least some of them. But there comes a point where that group of upset people is statistically insignificant. This is one of those cases. I could understand if the employee in question was a recently liberated slave, or his parents were slaves. That is not the case here. If this person is so upset over the term, I suggest they travel to East Africa. They still practice slavery over there, you know. If he is bothered by the term, I think he should do something about it instead of whining about how he’s offended over his ancestors being slaves. How about buying a couple of his cousins, bringing them to America and setting them free? At that point I am willing to cut him some slack.

There are a lot of things that upset me, but I realize that I am in the minority about some of them. Unless there is something inherently wrong about these things, it is incorrect of me to force my minority view on the majority. We’ve got a big fight over cloture in the Senate right now, and that is getting a lot of people pretty upset too. See what I mean? Except in cases where there is a moral wrong, when the minority can control he majority, it is simply not right.

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Zero Tolerance for Zero Tolerance

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This is a classic example of overreaction. Zero Patience for Zero Tolerance just shows how much of a prison camp our schools have become.

And so, an 11-year-old is taken away in handcuffs for drawing a picture of a gun; an 8-year-old faces expulsion for a keychain that contained a cheap nail clipper; a fifth-grader is suspended for drawing the World Trade Center being hit by an airplane … The stories go on and on.

These are not extreme examples, this is regular, everyday behavior of kids. Well, these are extreme examples of adult overreaction to kids normal actions.

But here’s the payoff paragraph:

In commenting on the study in the journal “National Association of Elementary School Principals,” Roger W. Ashford wrote, “The study concludes, however, that even though there is little data to prove the effectiveness of zero-tolerance policies, such initiatives serve to reassure the public that something is being done to ensure safety. Therefore, the popularity of zero-tolerance policies may have less to do with their actual effect than the image they portray of schools taking harsh measures to prevent violence. Whether the message actually changes student behavior may be less important than the reassurance it provides to administrators, teachers and parents.”

Oh. So Zero Tolerance doesn’t work, but it makes everybody feel safer. That makes it okay. No it doesn’t. When you institute a policy, when you perform any act, you need to have a positive result. If you don’t, you need to reevaluate the process, make changes and try again. You don’t fail when you don’t get the expected result, you fail when you give up trying. Not changing the process after not getting the expected result is counted as giving up trying.

Insanity has been defined as doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results. I can attest to this method personally. It doesn’t work. There needs to be a positive feedback loop to continually improve the process. That’s the way you make change and that’s the way you succeed. To do something and not expect success is stupid. And Zero Tolerance is far down that road already.

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Welcome Blog readers!

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I just found out via checking my referrals page that I’ve been accepted into the Rocky Top Brigade!

It’s a rather long list of wonderful blogs that I am now part of. I am putting up the flag on my sidebar that will take you to the above link, but I am deciding if I will also put the entire list up as well. My initial thought is to compromise, check out all of the blogs and link directly to those who I’ll be reading.

Thank you for the wonderful honor!

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Manic swing

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I have been having a lot of compulsive thoughts lately. That’s what drives me into the closet. I need the darkness and the quiet to get my racing thoughts under control.

I forced myself into a minor manic swing this afternoon, running around the apartment. I was picking up and rearranging minor things so I wouldn’t have to deal with the obsessive thoughts. I lost. I ended up in the closet anyway.

Obsessive thoughts are like a significant other that won’t let an argument drop. You’ve given in to all the demands, you’ve said, “I’m sorry” a dozen times, but they still don’t let it drop. Your SO is still in your face, telling you all kinds of hurtful things, and you can’t turn away or stop it. You’re stuck in the middle of it and the best you can hope for is a comfortable place to ride out the storm.

This is what prevents me from rejoining the regular workforce. I doubt a regular employer or coworkers would understand why I have to spend lunch curled up and whimpering under my desk.

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The shot heard ’round the world

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I happened across this post from the USS Clueless, An American in Spain. It’s a letter from a man who realizes he’s an American. He may have been born in Spain of Spanish parents, but he holds in his heart the ideal of what freedom is, and that it’s worth fighting and dying for. That makes him an American in my book.

It reminded me of “The shot heard ’round the world.” High school history and even Scholastic Rock tells us this shot was fired from the village green in Lexington on April 19th, 1775. It was the shot that started the American Revolution.

What was never covered in my classes was why this particular shot was heard around the world beyond it marked the birth of the United States. But it was more than just that. It was the birth of not just of a new country, but an ideal that has been often copied, but never duplicated. Look at the other democracies of the world. They are that way today because of the United States. We were the first modern democracy. As you look at other democracies, you see that most of them have derived from monarchies of one form or another.

When our great country was founded, it was founded on the ideal that the People control the government, not the other way around. Every citizen has the privilege, the right, nay the obligation to make his wishes known to the government as to how it should conduct its affairs. Those who hold office ignore the will of the people at their own peril.

And that is the difference. Someone from Britain (France/Germany/Japan/Russia, etc.) sees the government in control of things. They have some say in important things, but not much. An American sees the government as a tool, to listen and obey the will of the people. Every two years, people line up and prostrate themselves in front of me and ask for a portion of my power. My power, and the power of my fellow citizens, controls the direction of the government. And when I voice my opinion to my elected officials, I am the one who gets called Sir, and my opinion gets listened to. That is what separates America from the rest of the world.

There is no landed gentry, no elite class that hold the elected offices. Anybody who can pay the filing fee and get enough signatures can run for any office, from dog catcher to the President. While the recent California recall election may have looked like a circus, it is the embodiment of the American way. It was pretty clear almost from the start as to who had a chance to win, but that didn’t stop over a hundred people from trying. Some were in it for the publicity, some were in it for genuine reasons.

It is the idea that the People control the government that gives America it’s true freedom. The Constitution does not give rights to the people, it limits and declares certain things untouchable by the government. This is the meaning of freedom. This is the true meaning of the shot heard ’round the world. It was a call to all who want to be free to come and join us.

This ideal is what has attracted people from every country from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe to the United States. More and more Americans are being born everyday outside of our borders. Most of them make it here to be part of the family.

I hope Oriol makes it. I’d like to meet him.

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History Lesson

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I came up with the idea of “The Conservative Zone” back about 1995 when personal web pages had just started to take off. This was when 28.8k modems was the fastest you could get. I wanted to make my web page based on The Twilight Zone. I tried coming up with a graphic similar to the Twilight Zone, but I am not an artist. I cobbled together a graphic of a flag, coupled with some text and a gif animator. I made one for the front page, and a banner ad because I was part of the Link Exchange network at the time.

To give the CZ a TZ feel, I had the following header:

(Say it like you know Rod Serling would)
Submitted for your approval. A small corner of a global network of information. A place where the cornerstone of society is the belief that you are responsible for your own actions. A society where you are treated according to how you treat others. A world where you have the freedom to starve as well as succeed. You have entered…The Conservative Zone.

This was also about the time of Hillary’s “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy” rantings, so just to yank her chain, I proudly put the “charter member” bit.

For your amusement, I decided to include my banner, which as soon as BlogSpot decides to start selling ad space once again, I just might put into the rotation.


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Problem solvers or causers?

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A thought came to me while driving my clients around today. It may not be original, but I would still like to point it out.

The Democrats and their screechingly vocal special interest groups have a vested interest in perpetuating problems rather than actually solving them. Democrats have been asking for power since the 60’s so they can solve problems such as poverty, race relations and so on. They say “Here is a problem. Let us solve it.” The bad news is years later the problem still exists, or made even worse.

When you look at the poverty problem, the only thing Welfare has done is perpetuate (yes, I know I repeated myself, but it’s the best word to use) poverty into multiple generations. After almost 40 years and $5 trillion, the same percentage of the population is still in poverty, with no end in sight. Well, the Republican Congress forced President Clinton to sign Welfare reform which did what was supposed to have been done in the first place.

Race relations are at its best since the end of segregation. But if you listen to the NAACP, I mean really listen, they are calling for segregation all over again. They want the races to be separate. That’s so (in their eyes) Blacks can get a better chance than everybody else. I mean, after centuries of slavery, then another century as second class citizens, then 40 years as being equal, they want to be (thank you George Orwell) more equal than everybody else. And only as long as there exists this controversy do they have a job, telling other Blacks how “oppressed” they are and how they deserve two bites at the apple instead of just one.

Look at the 9 Democratic candidates. They were all against the tax cut. They all positioned themselves so they could only take advantage of a bad economy. Because only if there exists a problem can they complain about something. The signs of a recovering economy have been around for a while. Economists have been hinting at this for months. They have been cautiously optimistic up until the numbers really started to take off lately. The more economists have been pointing this out, the more shrill about the bad status of the economy the 9 stooges have become about it. When the numbers were undeniable, they switched to “jobless recovery,” and still didn’t listen to the fact that the jobless rate always lags other indicators. So they got bit twice by this.

Now look at the Republicans. They solve problems, then point to their accomplishments. They say “See what we’ve done, let us build on what we’ve done and do more.” They work hard on tax cuts because this is the third time it’s been tried and it’s the third time it has worked big time. Republicans give incentive to Welfare recipients to get off of the government dole so they can be productive members of society, being tax producers instead of tax consumers. Republicans have more minority and women members in high ranking positions than Democrats ever did.

The Contract With America is a classic example. Here was a list of sore points for Americans. Republicans promised, “Elect me and I will get this to the floor for a vote.” Some passed, some didn’t. But every item on the list was brought to the floor of both houses for a vote.

The fact that those of President Bushs judicial nominees that have been blocked are women and/or minorities is not a coincidence. They are being blocked because they are minorities. I said so here.

Republicans solve problems, Democrats perpetuate problems. Once you realize that I’m right, things will go a lot smoother.

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Michael the Molester

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I love Law & Order. I watch all of them, and occasionally partake of the marathons that run on TNT. I love the plot twists and how you can never guess if the good guys will win or not.

This years season premier was a two parter, and in the second part had the tragic story of a baby dropped from a hotel window during a fire. The father was a famous comic who had adopted the kid. During the investigation, they discovered he was a pedophile. They could locate only one victim, who had brought legal action, and since the case was settled, the case was sealed.

Using the logic of “how could you let a 12 year old play with a 40 year old man,” McCoy brought charges against the parents. You see, the parents received a million dollar check from the comic/pedophile, plus a stipend from the lawsuit. The parents claimed that the million dollar check was for writing a movie script for the comic/pedophile. During the trial, it came out that the check was cut before the kid went up to the comics house and was molested, drawing the assertion that the parents knew what was going to happen. The parents did it because they had no money and a younger son who had a serious heart defect. They sacrificed one kid to save the other. On the evidence of the timing of the check, the parents were convicted.

Now, let’s look at Michael. He has an amusement park at his house. He likes making kids happy. Those are okay things, to a point. He has admitted that he likes to have slumber parties with young boys. That sets off rather large and loud alarm bells for me. It has been stated that he has an alarm system inside the house, so that whenever anybody gets within 50 feet of his bedroom, an alarm goes off in there. When combined with the slumber parties, this makes my alarm bells ring all over again.

He was already the defendant of one molestation lawsuit. I and most parents would not allow our children to be within a mile of this man. But there are some that hope that his star stuff will rub off onto their children, and all they have to do is play by Michaels rules. Which allows Michael to molest young children.

I can tell that Michael is sick, by no more that what he has admitted to. The other allegations just throw more fuel onto the fire.

All I can hope for is he gets put away for a long time, and that this gets done before he molests any more boys, including his own children.

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Closet time

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I did some shopping this afternoon, enjoying a nice walk in the beautiful weather. Ever since I got back, my condition has been deteriorating. I’ve already spent a couple of hours in the closet, I’m out for a bathroom break and I’m going back in, probably for the rest of the night.

Something is wrong, but I can’t put my finger on it. I know I don’t feel right, but I can’t explain it. I really wish I could see my case manager twice a week. At least I could bounce stuff like this off of him, and let him make the Mental Health Professional decisions for me. I used to see him twice a week, but budget cuts did away with that.

I want to write, I’m beginning to think that I need to write. But it doesn’t help when your side-effects deny you the ability to concentrate. My eyes and other muscles twitch, it seems like someone is playing around with the volume control with my hearing, it feels like I’m always tired. Things like that, and that’s just what I can think of through the mental haze I have right now.

Back in I go, trying to conquer the obsessive thoughts.

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Sick Freak

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When I do my research for posting, I need absolute silence. If my Conures yak too much, they end up in the bedroom. I have re-acquired my taste for Glenn Beck so I have spent my mornings tuned into him. Like I said, I can’t stand distraction, so I can’t concentrate on my research. I’ll try to do some research for something to blog after I walk down the street and pick up some things.

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