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I’ve been insulted!

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…In a good way, I think. Despite my voluminous vocabulary, Mr. Spike managed to use a word I didn’t know. He used his pretty word to say that my Conservatism stems from my mental illness. I left him a comment on the subject.

Check him out: Spike Magazine. Who knows, I might add him to my blogroll...

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Vince Foster

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NewsMax has come out with an article reviving Vince Foster’s death. Vince Foster: What the Media Won’t Tell You again points out that there are enough holes in this story to make it look like swiss cheese.

…But despite 10 years of denial by the major media, the Foster case has not “closed” – as the Supreme Court hearing Wednesday demonstrated.

The case won’t close because of the failure of authorities to make full disclosure – and to conduct a full investigation into the case, including a complete autopsy.

There are too many quick decisions, too many quick investigations, too many unexplained facts, too much cover-up to make this go away as “just a suicide.” Coupled with all of the other shady incidents that surrounded the Clintons, there has to be more to it and someday I hope to see it all come out. There is no statute of limitations on murder.

I have no doubt that Vince Foster was murdered. I have no doubt Bill and Hillary were involved. While I don’t think one of them pulled the trigger, I do believe that one of them said, “Do it.” They ran that White House pretty tightly and nothing significant happened that they didn’t approve first.

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Hate Bush Meeting

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Remember the Hate Bush email sent out that got reported on by Drudge?

Well, some new information has come out, Politics of hate won’t beat Bush and sadly, it is nothing new.

The people whose votes Democrats will need to defeat George Bush don’t hate him. On a personal level, they like him. They need to be convinced not to vote for him, for reasons that have to do with the war, or special interests or the economy. “Hate Bush” headlines do just the opposite.

I was told several years ago that American politics are divided 40/20/40. The 40% on the left would vote for any Democrat candidate, even if it was Stalin. The 40% on the right would vote for any Republican candidate, even Hitler. It’s the 20% of voters in the middle that decide elections. While I can’t agree on the extremeness of the candidates, I do agree on the mix.

While the Right is moving towards the center to actively work for that Center vote, the 9 dwarves are moving farther and farther left, courting the very people who believe Bush=Hitler. The extremism that they show now will severely haunt them when the winner tries to move toward the center during the general election. Short of a national catastrophe, Bush will win.

That’s the way Hillary wants it. She sees 2008 as her one shot back to the White House. It is better to do it when there is no incumbent rather than have to fight someone of “her” party. Here’s the tricky part. Hillary is the most polarizing person in politics today. She has a good shot at ’08 unless the Republicans counter with a move of their own.

Run Condi Rice.

I think Ms. Rice should get the nod for VP on the second term. This will groom her for a shot as well for 2008. Even if she only gets the VP slot again in ’08, it will show the nation who truly is the party of diversity and equality. I think she is getting groomed even today. She’s in charge of the Iraq situation on this side of the ocean and if this can be pulled off, she will be in prime position to move up in the world, possibly to the top spot.

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Common sense forest management

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I found this on NewsMax, Bush Signs Law to Curb Forest Fires. I especially liked the caption of the picture on the front page. You see President Bush with two firefighters in a burned out section of forest. The caption reads, President and firemen viewed eco-nuts’ damage in Oregon.

Like I’ve said before, wildlands and wildlife must be managed by man. When we do so, there is a benefit to all.

Of course the logging companies will make a profit. That’s the purpose of their business, to make a profit. If they can cut down on the number and severity of forest fires while not clear cutting patches of forest, I say go for it.

At least California has done some common sense things for houses in wildlife areas. Things like stucco exteriors, tile roofs and clearcutting the forest back from the house. A majority of houses that did this survived the recent fires.

As long as rabid environmentalists have their say in how the forests are managed, we will continue to have massive deadly fires. Nature cannot control such things by herself, man is needed.

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Education Monopoly

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I found this article, School Voucher Law Unconstitutional, Colorado Judge Decides and I worry about this.

“I see no way to interpret the voucher program statute in a way that does not run afoul of the principle of local control,” he wrote.

Of course it will run afoul, that’s the purpose of vouchers in the first place. To shake up the status quo.

Public education is a massive public bureaucracy. I know because one job I had was working as a Memphis City Schools contractor. The amount of people in non-teaching positions makes bloated look anorexic. They had so many administrative positions they used several former schools as offices.

Any business without meaningful competition becomes stagnant. That is what the public education system is, stagnant. The inner-city schools where the drop-out and illiteracy rates are sky-high are the worst. There are other reasons behind these rates besides ineffective school systems, but this is one we can work on.

In Memphis, those who can afford it send their kids to private schools. Those who can’t are stuck with the public system and that is just wrong.

Before the liberalization of the public school system, schools were authorized to use corporal punishment when necessary. I myself was “cracked” on several occasions. Students who were incorrigible were separated from the regular students and sent to disciplinary schools in the system. They did not sacrifice the future of 29 students to avoid wounding the self-esteem of one student.

Nowadays, feelings are more important than facts. This must stop. Get your kids out of such an environment NOW.

The best way to reform the public school system is through market forces. That means competition. If the public school system wants to attract students, it must clean up the campuses and the curriculum.

The bad news is the public school system will only get worse. The students who don’t want to learn, the ones who are on drugs or part of gangs will soon be the only students at public schools. They will be left to the public schools because the private schools will not put up with things like that.

Unless the public system shapes up. If the public system wants to attract the good students, they must do several things. Have a curriculum worth teaching. Make the campuses safe. Warehouse the ones who don’t want to learn in their own schools. You need to separate the wheat from the chaff and be damned about self-esteem. That comes when the kid successfully completes a project or passes a hard test.

You can never eliminate the bell curve, but you can do things like move the curve to the left.

Vouchers will be fought tooth-and-nail by the public school system because they know how bad they are doing. If vouchers were to take hold, you would see student performance skyrocket.

Fight for this if your kids are in bad public schools. You owe it to them.

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Under God

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The final step of this journey is here. Supreme Court Allows Newdow To Argue Pledge Of Allegiance Case will settle this issue one way or the other.

I have already spoken on this issue, and have been clearly against this man and his position since the start. The United States was founded upon the principle of God granting powers to the people and then the people giving some of that to the government. God is an integral part of this country and to deny recognition of that fact is wrong.

If this man were to win, his next admitted his agenda, which is to ban any mention of God in any governmental system. I can’t come up with a link because Blogspot is down at the moment.

I think SCOTUS is hearing this to put the issue to bed permanently. In favor of “under God.”

I hope.

Here is my previous post.

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Too Much

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Any time I think I can really go back to work, I do several things in a row. This morning I did all of my personal grooming, vacuumed around the apartment, cleaned Rocket and Corkys cage, then walked down the street and paid the rent. When I started news scanning was when I fell apart.

That got me two hours in the closet. Oh joy.

Of course, Rocket and Corkys incessant screeching didn’t help either. They got three trips to the bedroom this morning. The only way to get them to shut up is to either put them where they can’t see me, or let them out so they can fly over and sit on me. When I let them out, I have to wear a towel over my back and shoulders so they can chew and poop on that instead of on me.

I have such an exciting life, don’t you agree?

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Conservatives in a Liberal Land

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I found this article via Drudge, RP students protest ‘liberal bias,’ push conservative agenda.

I am heartened by these young adults, and I just wish my Conservatism was as well developed at that age. I was Conservative, but I was not as clear and articulate as I am now in my views. I know I was a conservative because I would have discussions with a flaming Liberal at my lunch table. Todd was always uptight about the political situation in Bolivia or some such and just about lived off of Rolaids. Like I said, my views on the world was not as well developed as they could have been, but this was back when the only news sources were the paper and TV. No Limbaugh, no Fox News, no internet.

In the article, it talks about a newsletter being started by the students. I have an email into the reporter that wrote the article for a contact for the club. Depending on ad rates, I might take out an ad for the blog. Whatever I can do to help the cause.

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Bringing you up to speed

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With my addition to the Rocky Top Brigade, I have an expanded readership and I wanted to explain a few things to all who manage to find my blog.

I was an IT manager until I had a negative reaction to a drug that exacerbated an undiagnosed Bi-Polar Disorder. I am actually now a Fast Cycling Bi-Polar. A “normal” person who suffers from BPD can spend months or years in a manic or depressive swing. I can switch in a matter of minutes. I have gone from manic like Robin Williams to suicidal faster than you can spin around. I have no stability in my emotional control and must take care about getting too excited or depressed. I am taking a variety of psychotropic drugs that have “smoothed” out my swings, but I still suffer from them. I am doing my best to stay slightly depressed so the manic swings aren’t too bad.

There are times I get overstimulated. This is where “closet time” comes in. This means that I am out of control of my thoughts and emotions and the only thing I can do is crawl into my small hall closet, close the door behind me and scream, cry and whimper for a couple of hours in the dark.

My mental illness has cost me my career, my home and my family. I can no longer work in the fast paced IT industry, I would have to spend my lunch hour whimpering under my desk. With the loss of my $50k job, I could not keep my piece of the American Dream. My wife and son held on to me for as long as they could, but in the end they had to cut me loose for their own survival. My family lives on my disability and I work part time driving around people who also suffer from mental illness.

This gives me plenty of time to think. And I am imparting my thoughts and what I go through to this blog. This is one way the people in my life (friends, family, case manager) can see how I am doing so they can catch me if I get too far out of kilter. I’m been pretty lucky, it’s been a year since my last hospital stay. That’s the longest I’ve stayed out since I became sick 5 years ago.

It’s been a scary roller coaster ride so far and there is no end in sight. It’s taken me this long to find any drugs that had any effect on my condition at all. I’ve been through most of the drugs that treat BPD, and I am currently on a combination of “last-resort” drugs and those brand new to the market.

Wish me luck. I need it.

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Another Michael Moore

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Tim Robbins, who screamed “Censorship!” when he was criticized for his anti-war views, has produced a play about the war. Robbins’ ‘Embedded’ Play Not So Realistic chronicles his view of the part embedded journalists played in the war.

It goes without saying that there is an obvious slant toward the left in the views expressed in this play.

Robbins portrays journalists as Pentagon puppets, U.S. soldiers as thieves and killers of innocent women and children, and the Bush cabinet as war mongers willing to start a war to escape the negative publicity of the Enron scandal.

I don’t know what planet Tim is from, but I truly wish he would go back there and leave the rest of us alone.

Here’s another money quote:

When Laura Israel, another audience member, was asked if she thought the play was accurate, she replied: “Yes, not only on what is going on there, but it also showed how we are being lied to by all the networks.”

We are being lied to by the media, we don’t see enough of the good things that are happening over there. We see some, but not enough.

I think this woman means we aren’t being lied to enough by the media. I think Ms. Israel would like to see about all of the war atrocities American troops have been committing. You know, the rape squads, the torture chambers, Iraqis at random being fed feet first into wood chippers and all that. She believes we are doing that, but Saddam didn’t. Or even if he did, then not as much as we are.

It simply boggles my mind how someone can walk around in the same world as I, see the same things and have such a distorted view. Anti-war beliefs that are reasonable I can work with. At least I can agree to disagree with reasonable folk. But people like Mr. Robbins truly are viewing a world that does not exist. He believes (or professes to) in facts clearly not in evidence. When everybody is telling you the same thing, it’s either a) the truth, or b) there is a massive conspiracy. Mr. Robbins is clearly in the “B” category.

I think that this will be like Bowling for Columbine, in that only people who already believe this kind of tripe will be the only audience members. But the cast should still be ready to take incoming fire from the audience. I can imagine a platoon of Marines who have been in Iraq coming armed with eggs.

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True hate speech

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While going through my blog list, I found an interesting article on Say Uncle I quickly went to the source and found, Gun Banner Wishes My Family to Be Murdered and Die Slowly.

Someone please point to this person and what they have written and tell me it is not hate speech. Mr. Bellamy is downright apoplectic over this. Tell me this person is reasonable and you can hold an intelligent conversation with him over firearms. If you do, you’re guilty of trying to blow smoke up my butt.

I refuse to reprint this letter because of the foul language. I’m not shy when it comes to such language, I can get R. Lee Ermey to blush with my command of the language. I just don’t use it except under extreme circumstances.

I think Mr. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is agitated and upset. He should seek immediate help for this condition.

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Privacy? We don’t need no stinkin’ privacy!

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Via Slashdot: California Police Arrest Man in Bank PC Theft.

The guy who posted the article about this wondered about what kind of data is being transferred when you login or while online. After reading the money paragraph, I had the same question:

Investigators traced the computer to Krastof when he logged onto his own America Online account at home through one of the stolen computers, White said. That enabled authorities to connect the computer’s Internet Protocol address, a number that identifies a computer on the Internet, to Krastof’s home address through his AOL account, White said.

While this was a wonderful crime fighting tool, I’m not sure I like it, even with judicial oversight. In fact, I know I don’t like it. Anyone who wants to can get my IP address, find out my name and link it up with one or more serial numbers in my machine, then track me wherever I take my laptop. This is the kind of precursor that leads to identity theft. I’m just glad I don’t have an identity worth stealing. Who would want to be me?

UPDATE: My friend Mike wrote to me and tells me the inept, inbred idiot (my words, not his) used the AOL account already on the PC. Police, alert to any use of these accounts, had a hit and traced it back to the perp. Which does not change anything on what I said. Anyone armed with my IP address and the ability to hack into systems could still easily find out who I am and everything else they needed to know.

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Defining Liberals

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Ever since I joined the Rocky Top Brigade, the blogs I have been perusing have dramatically increased.

I backtracked a visitor to another Memphis blog, Musings of a Philosophical Scrivener… and happened across this Thought for the Day. I thought this would be a perfect chance to fine tune the broad brush I use to paint liberals.

He quotes:

My tribe is better than your tribe! It’s the oldest, dumbest pre-human instinct, hard-wired into our weak little brains by millions of years of natural selection. And to this day, dumb-asses believe what Prager said-they believe that “thinking people” agree with their views, and that people who disagree with their views are automatically irrational or devious. It’s tribalism at its dumbest-and it rules the world of the talk-show right, where the Limbaughs serve their credulous listeners frightening tales about “The Liberals.” Is my tribe good, and your tribe evil? Intelligent people know better.
–Bob Somerby

If anybody thinks anybody is evil, I think the Liberals fill the bill. You hear all the time “Bush=Hitler.” Even during the height of the Impeachment, I don’t remember anything like that being said about Clinton. Liberals are the elitists, seeing themselves as better than everyone else.

I do not see Liberals as evil, merely misguided children. The Liberal that I go after sees the world in an infinite spectrum of grey. Everybody’s idea (except conservatives) on how to solve problems is viable. They like to solve problems with the same thought process that they use to compare the writing style of Hemingway to James Mitchner (Don’t put too much thought into it, the answer boils down to personal preference). While there is more than one way to solve a problem, there are a finite number of solutions and they are similar.

When solving a problem, a Liberal looks at the intentions that were used to develop the solution. Results don’t matter, it’s how much he cares in solving the problem. If the solution didn’t work, expand the scope, increase the amount of money involved and try the same thing again. Which is the definition of insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.

Liberals also have a rather large set of blinders when it concerns solutions to problems. Any idea or solution that doesn’t fit their paradigm is instantly rejected, even if it has worked before. They are unwilling to try such solutions, even when they have no solutions of their own. Just take a look at the 9 dwarfs. They are all against the tax cut. They all want to get rid of it (which means RAISE YOUR TAXES). They all refuse to believe that increased economic activity and lowered unemployment brings in more tax revenues than higher taxes on a lower level of activity and higher unemployment. I can’t see why they think so. Kennedy cut taxes and doubled tax revenues. Reagan cut tax rates and had a similar return. Every indication of current activity indicates that tax cuts are 3-for-3 in bringing in more tax revenue than by raising taxes. So the only answer that I can see is they are against cutting taxes is President Bush is for it. This doesn’t mean that every one of the Presidents solutions are spot-on the first time, but at least he is looking to see what has worked in the past.

Conservatives like to look at the results of a solution to determine if it was successful or not. If it wasn’t successful, you see where you went wrong, change that part of the solution and try again. It’s known as a positive feedback loop. You continue to use what works and you stop using what doesn’t work.

Liberals do not see a person defined by what he is or what he has done, but rather by his skin color. Looking at two black people, he sees two black people. Me? I see a successful person and a poor person, who both happen to be black. See the difference in views? Liberals also believe that minorities cannot survive by themselves. The Government must step in to help them. Liberals believe that it is good for a business to hire or promote an unqualified minority over a qualified person. Jayson Blair (from the NY Times scandal) is a prime and visible result of such mindsets.

The same hold true for college admissions. If you want more minority participation, you need to turn out more minority high school grads that have the basic knowledge and training to survive in college. That is not happening today. To force an issue like this puts an unfair burden on the marginal minority student and denies an appropriate education to the student who has earned that spot.

Conservatives believe in incentives. If you meet a persons basic needs without them having to work, then they won’t work, no matter how successful they could be if they do so. If you tie rewards to their level of work, they will rise to their best level because they have an incentive. No work, no food and all that. Every person needs to rise to their highest level of potential. It’s just that the best some people can do is a job at Wal-Mart. It is these people who deserve our help. When they work as hard and as best as they can but still can’t make it, then they deserve generosity. Those who won’t work deserve nothing.

So let’s recap. If you believe:

  • Bush=Hitler;
  • There are infinite levels of grey instead of black/grey/white;
  • In problem solving, intentions are more important than results;
  • Any solution presented by a Conservative is automatically wrong;
  • It is proper to put an unqualified minority over someone who is qualified;
  • It is okay to judge someone by just the color of their skin;
  • Minorities cannot survive on their own without government help;
  • It is okay to give assistance to someone who doesn’t want to work;

If you agreed with any of the above statements, then you are in for a wild ride on this blog.

I am not really concerned with the who or what, but rather the why. I believe in doing the right thing for the right reasons. If you do the right thing for the wrong reasons, you will end up ruining the work you did and get bit in the butt over it. It make take years, but I promise you it will happen.

You have been warned.

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