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Made and uploaded a few more ringtones, 448 of them now. Enjoy.

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Okay, I don't get a flash of inspiration like this every day, so I have to be "Loud and Proud" of it. If you're like me, you bought one of those sets of wooden TV dinner tables, and you ended up with all of the tables constantly in use and the storage rack sitting unused in the corner. LH1 StartI also have a problem of several backpacks hanging around my office. One holds camera gear, one I use for wargaming materials and the other is a "whatever" backpack. Walking by this rack for the umptheenth time today, I had a vision to repurpose it for a rack to store the backpacks. I drilled two holes in the top of the sides and screwed hooks into them:

LH1 HooksThe cross members were a problem. They would interfere with the backpacks while they were on the hooks, but I couldn't just throw them out. So, I used a trick my Dad taught me, and reversed them: LH1 CrossmembersLH1 Rev2All I needed to do now was to hang the backpacks on the hooks, and I was done!

LH1 Finish2It still has feet to stabilize it and you do have to be careful to balance the load diagonally. Enjoy!

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