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Quick Updates

I have partially fixed the issue with the deep dives for mobile users. You can see the images, however the layout leaves something to be desired...


Also working on my library, I have books that you aren't seeing and now I know why.

Closing out 2021

Okay folks, thank you for sticking with me this far. As we move into 2022, I wanted to do a little housekeeping.

First off, I have updated my Markisms in a major update and I now have about 3,400 of them. Please, download and enjoy.

Next, likewise my Ringtones have been significantly added to and there are now 373 of them.

I have also added several various deep dives (in no particular order), namely Soviet Jokes, , , The process is the punishment and .

And the biggest news of all... I have decided to start a video channel next year. I plan to put it on both YouTube and Locals. While the YT channel will likely be banned in short order, I'll be using it to drive viewers to the Locals page. Of course, I'm still in the process of researching, grokking, then actually setting things up. I'll let you know when.

Right now I am recording some recent subjects and various evergreen Deep Dives. "Evergreen" means the subject doesn't "get old," because they are about general issues and not specific events. What was relevant when I wrote it then is still relevant today. And it won't be me blandly rereading (ala Ben Stein) what I've already posted, but more like Jordan B. Peterson, who works through his thoughts during the presentation.

What this will do is generate a couple months worth of content and a foundation of who I am and what I think and believe. I'll be using those to develop the back-end process to easily and consistently post content. Just as a reminder, I have two jobs, a family, a house and a hobby going on as well that take priority.

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