The futility of the law

Bad laws are not respected or obeyed.

How Monopolies work

An acquaintance of mine a few years back voiced a stern opposition to school vouchers. I’m going to explain why and exactly how she’s wrong using the example of McDonald’s milkshakes.

Psychosocial Manipulations on us

This deep dive will discuss some of the major studies on human behavior and how we are being manipulated by our "leaders" use them on us.

The Process is the punishment

Leftists love control. That much should be painfully evident. The greatest advancement of encroachment on liberties, in both quantitatively and qualitatively has always been when Leftists have been in power.

Self-defense is a Right

Why the act of Self-Defense is a "Big R" Right.

Centralized Gun control

Leftists love groupthink. It stands to reason, as they cannot cogitate independently. The groupthink came up with a unified gun control plan.

Shooting the leg

The dreaded Hollywood "shoot them in the leg" to stop someone without killing them.

Big R and Little R rights

There is constant debate over what constitutes “rights.” My perspective on how to tell Rights from rights.

But, That's Different!

Liberals love to make absolute rules that only apply to things that are advantageous to themselves or their agenda.

The four corners of the law

The “Four Corners of the Law” is a very simple legal concept that seems to escape a lot of people including and especially the judiciary.

Gun Control

The RKBA (Right to Keep and Bear Arms) is a heated debate today. Which side are you on?

The OODA loop

The OODA loop, the basic rules of how you continuously interact with the world around you.

The truth about lie detectors

The last-minute accuser of Brett Kavanaugh has splashed all over the Internet and several of my acquaintances have emphatically announced "SHE PASSED A LIE DETECTOR TEST!!!!!" Like that means something significant.

The Ultimate Strawman

Understand why anyone who speaks for or against Trickle-Down Economics as a concept is, for lack of a better term, an idiot. This is my explanation on why it doesn’t exist.

People vs. Systems

When Socialism has failed (which it’s batting 100% right now) the proponents of Socialism keep repeating, “The right people weren’t in charge” or "it wasn't 'perfect' Socialism." Let’s set the record straight.

Why health care is not a right

This explains why I think the federal government shouldn't be in the business of mandating or managing health care plans.

The Constitution

I firmly believe that God, by whatever name you call Him or Her, touched and inspired the men who wrote the Constitution.

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