Why Business and Politics don’t Mix

Businesses should be like Viktor Bout, the infamous illegal arms dealer played by Nicholas Cage in The Lord of War.

What is Capitalism?

I did an article a while back on “What is Money?” (TL;DR is “Money is a commodity and an acceptable medium for universal exchange of value.) I am writing this in the wake of the passing of Walter E. Williams, one of the greatest economic minds of our time.

What is money?

Dig into your pocket, pull out your wallet and extract those pieces of paper called money and let’s find out what they really are.

What is profit?

Profit ultimately means “Tomorrow will be better than today.”

Basic Economics

A quick lesson on how an economy works.

The four ways to spend money

Milton Friedman stated years ago there are four ways to spend money. So what are they?

Price vs. Cost

This is not going to be a lengthy Deep Dive, just a little philosophical earworm, meant to keep you thinking.

The concept of a job

The "What, Why and How" of jobs.

The lesson of the pencil

Milton Friedman had a great example of how free trade can have thousands of people work together without concern for race, creed or color. And he does it with a #2 pencil.

Universal Basic Income

I am doing something that I have never done before on this blog. I am coming at this rather Liberal subject with the mindset to make it work rather than just shoot it down. I may have found a way.

Getting paid for your work

All jobs (defined as someone is hiring you to perform certain tasks for a fixed or indefinite term) requires particular job skills.

The Gender Pay Gap

The “Gender Pay Gap” as declared by Liberals is there. However, the size, scope and reasons they use to describe it have little to do with the facts.

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