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I've been banging away on my keyboard. Here's some new articles. In The Armed Citizen, we have: Soldier, Officer, CitizenAccoutrements for training, and What’s your Tueller Distance? In the book reviews there's Prepared: Surviving Worst Case Scenarios. Enjoy!

Liberals and guns

This article, Dems Tout Second Amendment, but Voting Records Show Hostility shows the contempt Liberals have for citizens.

Here are a couple of facts for your consumption:

  • There are bad people that want to do bad things to you and your family.
  • The police have no obligation to protect you.
  • Armed citizens prevent 2,500,000 crimes a year.

Now, the leaders of the anti-gun movement aren’t out to get rid of guns, they are just against you having guns. They have armed guards wherever they go. They are important enough to need firearms for protection, but you aren’t. Don’t you find that hypocritical?

It shows that liberals don’t trust you. The liberal reporters try to feed you your opinion by shaving news pieces. Liberal politicians don’t trust you to vote for them. Liberal anti-gunners don’t trust you with the power to protect yourself. And so on, ad nauseam. They try to sway you by appealing to your emotions and ignoring facts.

Conservatives, on the other hand, appeal to you by presenting you facts and then trust you to make the decision that fits you by yourself.

Who would you rather trust?

Meet The Press

I must be more careful about who I watch on the Sunday morning news shows. General Wes Clark was on MTP this morning, and I spent a good part of the show yelling at the TV. There was so much garbage coming out of his mouth I’m surprised it didn’t pile up to his chin.

He made a big deal of WMD, again. Let’s revisit that subject and see why the democrats are dead wrong on this issue.

There are four facts in evidence:

  • Saddam had chemical weapons at one time.
  • Saddam had used said chemical weapons.
  • Communication intercepts indicated that permission was granted to field commanders to use chemical weapons.
  • There exists no evidence that he got rid of any of his WMD.

Given the above facts, taking the position that Saddam did not have WMD would have gone beyond stupid, it would have been suicidal. When you are talking about the lives of up to 50,000 American citizens, how can you not take the position that he continues to have WMD and is willing to use them, or give it to people who are willing to use them against us?

There was several reasons we took on Iraq. WMD made it a #1 priority. It was easy to take out. It is the central Arab state. By setting up a free democracy in Iraq, we start knocking over a long line of dominoes that will cause a large scale positive change in all of the Arab states. We are seeing that change even today. This change will not happen overnight, it may have a few speed bumps, but it will become a large force in almost no time.

Clark also accused the President of not having a plan. You need to keep your plans close to your chest. Talking about what you want to do and how you’re going to do it will give the enemy the information they need to defeat you. So apparently not having a plan is good. That means we are keeping the enemy off balance and guessing at us and our plans. The strategic plan is working. We have our tactical objectives, but there’s a few bumps along the way.

If we do not defeat the Baathists, I give the new democracy a maximum of six months. Just because the US is no longer in Iraq does not mean the violence will end. In fact, it will increase until the new government becomes unstable, whereupon Saddam will surface, the Baathists will rise behind him and he will retake control of the country. The people who are in the uprising are all united, not against the US, but for Saddam to return to power.

Bookmark this entry and look at it in a year to see if my prediction is right or not.

Irresponsible journalism

This article, Local News, Shameful Tactics, shows everything that’s wrong with “sweeps week.”

If I was a watcher of this station, I would have immediately written them a letter telling them I would never watch their station ever again. I would determine what local merchants were advertising on their station and write them as well, advising them to pull all advertising. In this case, the station was WABC, which is directly owned by the network, so sending a letter to the network would have been a duplicate effort.

This effort to boost ratings would backfire big time with me, and with permanent consequences. I can’t tell you how enraged I am over this. I am glad the only ABC I watch is Monday Night Football, and I am considering stopping that because of this incident.

A major trust was broken. I hope they lose big time over it.

Confusion reigns in NJ

Here is a followup to a comment that I posted here. Allegedly Starved Boy Did Have Eating Disorder makes you wonder who is covering their tracks and why.

There were four children (actually, 3 and an adult, Bruce is 19) who are at deaths door due to malnutrition. You can’t tell me that all of them have the same or a similar eating disorder. What puts the final nail in the coffin is the fact that now all of them are in different care, all of them are gaining weight.

Somebody is trying to cover their ass and it won’t hold water. Sure you got medical records on Bruce, but the treatment stopped seven years ago. Either Bruce was cured or the new parents didn’t want to pay for it. And again, the other three had no records of any such disorder. Why are they underweight?

The most damming evidence of all is the fact that all of them are gaining weight now. There was neglect that the NJ DHS, and there was abuse at the hands of the parents. I think the “parents” should go up for attempted murder. Slowly starving children to death is heinous in the extreme.


More Patriot Act stuff

Well, well, well. For once I’m on the same side of an issue with Al Gore. Both of us are against the Patriot Act. Well, maybe. If you read the accompanying article, Patriot Act Attacked by Gore Mirrors His Own Plan, you see that he’s being a two faced liberal. My prior comments are here and here.

Good old Al called for a consolidation of federal law-enforcement back in 1993. Of course, now that this has been made public, Al has two choices: Either ignore questions on this subject entirely, or say something on the order of “Sure the plans are similar, but I wouldn’t have done it THAT [Bush’s] way.”

Scripps-Howard News Service reported on Aug. 11, 1993, that Gore had “drafted a proposal to transfer all federal law enforcement activities to the Justice Department. The new ‘Directorate of Central Law Enforcement,’ headed by the attorney general, would oversee the FBI, the DEA, Secret Service, Customs Service, Internal Revenue Service, Postal Service and BATF.'”

So the “oppose Bush” idea is still in effect, even when you agree with him.

If the Democrats hope to win by confusing the hell out of us, it’s working. Oh, wait a minute. That’s right, logic never was a strong component to Liberal arguments. In fact, they regularly contradict themselves. All we have to do to win is point out where they contradicted themselves and they get apoplectic, ruining any chance of winning the undecided vote. Who wants to vote for somebody who not only contradicts themselves, but who foams at the mouth and screams when caught at it?


No Quarter

This article, Campus left silences opposing views exposes who we are dealing with.

This is the vocal, radicalized minority who will do anything to push their agenda. These people will continue down their path, ignoring facts (after all, if you ignore facts hard enough, they go away) and becoming more shrill as you contest their positions.

There can be no dialog with these people, because no amount of verifiable facts can get them to change their position. All you can do is convince those who are able to be swayed by the facts that these people are full of garbage. Of course, this will raise cries of “censorship” from the leftists, and all you can do is ignore it.

What you must not do is be silenced by these leftists. They know on some level that their ideology is nothing more than blue smoke and mirrors. They can gather people to their cause only as long as you are not out there refuting their positions with facts and the truth. So they will do anything to silence you. And I do mean anything.

Now go forth and give them no quarter, no mercy. Because they will do the same to you.

Your Second Amendment Rights

Lying Scholars Fuel Anti-gun Court Verdicts warns of a significant danger to your rights.

The Second Amendment was clearly meant for individuals to own arms for possible use against the Federal government. Reading the papers of our founding fathers makes that very clear. They had just fought a revolution against an oppressive government and they wanted the citizens to be able to do that again, if the day ever came.

The “collective right” about the National Guard is a fallacy. Get the anti-gunner to agree on the fact that the militia/NG is supposed to overthrow the federal government if necessary, then explain to them the president can federalize the NG with the stroke of a pen. Short of widespread revolt in the ranks, there isn’t anything anybody can do about it. That presents a rather thorny conflict of interest. How can you overthrow an oppressive government if you take your orders from it?

It has also been case law since 1856 that the police cannot be held liable for not protecting citizens. That’s not the job of the police. Personal protection has always rested on the person, and the best and the most effective way to do that is by force of arms. 2,500,000 crimes are prevented every year by armed citizens. in 98% of those cases, once the citizen shows he has a firearm, the bad guys run away. You never hear about this in the news because nothing newsworthy happened. Bad guy threatens, good guy pulls out his weapon, bad guy runs away. End of story.

Don’t expect the police to be there in time if someone breaks into your house in the middle of the night. The best the police can do is gather evidence and catch the criminals for the crimes committed. That will be little comfort to you if it includes your murder.

Illegal immigrants

This is not a good sign. Illegal Immigrant Workers Sue Wal-Mart is set to create a very bad precedent.

To give illegal immigrants legal standing is going to open a floodgate of lawsuits. Illegals accept below scale wages because they know they are illegal and can’t complain about substandard wages. This lawsuit (if successful) would give them standing to do such a thing. Businesses take advantage of illegals, that’s a fact. But if the illegals can sue over low wages, the risk becomes too great for the businesses and they would have to start hiring legal workers at legal wages, freezing the illegals out. After all, if illegals can sue over substandard pay, who says they won’t sue over minimum wage? Or the illegals can sue over just being employed by the business in the first place. That way they get money without the backbreaking labor.

Maybe this won’t be such a bad thing after all.

If we want to stop the flood of illegals, we need to freeze them out of any financial gain. No jobs, housing, public assistance. As long as they can get some money of some kind, they will come.


I heard this on Rush’s show Friday, and I even wrote a note to myself about it, then promptly forgot about the note. Well, I found it today and remembered to bring it home.

Walter E. Williams was interviewing Bernard Goldberg. They were discussing Mr. Goldbergs book (whose title escapes me). Search Amazon if you want to.

Anyhow, Mr. Goldberg mentioned three rules for young adults:

  • Graduate High School
  • Don’t have a child before you turn 20
  • Don’t have a child before you get married.

If you followed these simple rules, you had a 94% chance of staying above the poverty line.

If you broke even one of these rules, you had a 79% of ending up below the poverty line. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

Beat these rules into your kids, by whatever means necessary. Their future is too important.

‘Legal’ theft

I got mad when I read this, Citizens ‘Mugged’ by the State.

These stories and the others documented in Readers Digest are abominable. It isn’t quite as bad here in the Memphis area. Although in one suburb the land developers are on the city council. They managed to convert a large forested semi-swampland into 2 million square feet of mall and multiple strip malls. Then the suburb promptly lost the tax money when Memphis annexed the area.

These stories are a prime example as to why there should be limited government. The scope of government was properly (and narrowly) defined when the Constitution was drafted, and the state Constitutions were similarly narrowly defined. Then everybody started on that slippery slope into doing more to ‘help’ the people. Now we have stories like this.

I do not have an answer for the solution. Armed rebellion seems a tad too much, but it might become a more popular option as things go from bad to worse. Don’t load up on ammunition just yet, I’ll let you know when it’s time. For the moment, the ballot box is still a better option than the ammunition box.

He’s up to it already

I found this article, PATRIOT ACT: Law’s use causing concerns where the FBI is using parts of the Patriot Act to investigate a strip club owner and some politicians. I am sure there are already laws on the books to use against this gang, but why they used the Patriot Act is a big question.

I have already spoken on this subject here. The Permalink is not working at the moment, but you can scroll down about 60-70% of the way, it’s the post for 9/20.

Sources said the FBI sought the records under Section 314 of the act. That section allows federal investigators to obtain information from any financial institution regarding the accounts of people “engaged in or reasonably suspected, based on credible evidence, of engaging in terrorist acts or money laundering activities.”

If you make it, they will use it.

See, I’m right!

I happened across this article, Iraq ‘Fundamentally Different’ From Vietnam, Analysts Say and I am proud that at least some of my commentary about my last post is verified.

“We’re at war, and it’s essential that the people of America not forget the lessons of September the 11th, 2001. We are vulnerable to attack. There are people who hate us and there are people who are willing to take thousands of lives in acts of tremendous violence, and the United States must understand that and adjust to the new reality,” Bush told reporters while inspecting damage caused by wildfires in California.

While the author still talks about an ASAP withdrawal, Unless US forces are there for the long haul, as soon as we start withdrawing, Saddam will show up and sweep the fledgling government aside, and the atrocities we have learned about will start again, this time exponentially worse.

I’ve been told that the Marines have a counter-insurgency manual. If they do, it’s time for them to take a crack at the Sunni triangle. It is the Marines who told Iraqis, “No better friend, no worse enemy."


Just to show that I don’t read just what agrees with me, I found this: Cut Losses: Leave Iraq

I can see how this makes perfect sense to the author, but he’s 100% wrong on this.

Back in the days of the crusades, Christians would torture Jews and Muslims until they accepted Christ. There was no “religious tolerance.” It took the Reformation and people like Martin Luther to change Christianity into what we recognize today.

Today, it is the Muslim faith that has no religious tolerance. To them, any infidel (non-Muslim) is worth less than the dirt under the Muslim shoes. Of course, the vast majority do not heavily invest into this view, but there are enough that do.

Now is the time for this to change. Either this change must come about internally or externally. Since there is no equivalent Muslim Martin Luther to preach moderation and acceptance, we must bring change about externally. If we do not force change, there are but three alternatives:

  • Everybody convert to Islam
  • Christians accept the constant terroristic attacks
  • All out war. Christianity wipes out every last Muslim.

I do not find any of these alternatives attractive. Bringing about a Islamic Reformation is the only reasonable choice if the Christianity and Islamic religions are ever going to exist together.

To do that, we must win in Iraq. We must show Muslims across the world that freedom and religious tolerance works. The only way to win this battle is to win in Iraq. There is no other choice. There is no exit strategy because there can be no exit strategy. Just like we spent 50+ years in post WWII Germany and Japan, so must we spend 50+ years in Iraq.

If we pull out at all, Saddam Hussein will be back in power before the last American soldier leaves. It doesn’t matter if we set up a democracy or not. It cannot survive on its own for years yet. The butchery that Hussein would inflict on the people of Iraq in response to the invasion will make the Holocaust look like a garden party. We would lose so much prestige across the world it isn’t funny. If you thought 9/11 was horrible, don’t worry, you’ll get used to having something like that every month or so, because every terrorist group will be so emboldened by our cowardice that they will make the West Bank look like a day at the beach.

Now that I’ve explained all of this, let me Fisk a bit of this article.

Even if such a plan did not work, stability in Iraq never has been vital to U.S. security interests. The threat from Saddam Hussein’s programs to develop weapons of mass destruction was overstated. And economists from across the political spectrum always have been skeptical that Persian Gulf oil needs to be secured militarily. Yet their views have been ignored by vested interests in U.S. national security bureaucracies.

Stability in Iraq is essential to not only the US, but to the rest of the non-Muslim world as well. We must stabilize Iraq to produce instability in the rest of the Muslim world. We must show the Muslim world that this can work. Once that is proven, change will come to the rest of the Islamic world. It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen. And the more change is accomplished, the faster the rate of change will be.

Saddam’s WMD program was only one of several reasons President Bush stated. What stockpiles he had may have been destroyed by others in his regime, but he still believed he had them, and he has used them before. While details about exact things may have been very sketchy, there were three undeniable facts:

  • 1. He had had chemical weapons at one time.
  • 2. He has used them before.
  • 3. He was trying to develop more WMD.

Now I must Fisk a bit of this article.

To preserve U.S. “credibility” nearly 40 years ago, American policymakers pursued an escalated war in Vietnam — when cutting their losses and getting out sooner would have ultimately salvaged more world esteem. The same is likely to be true in Iraq.

There was no way to “win” the war in Vietnam. The best that could have been hoped for was a Korea-like stalemate. Political control over targets and strategies produced the catastrophe that we all remember.

But we must win in Iraq. This foe will not stop at Iraq’s borders if we pull out. These people we fight will fight us wherever we are, be it in Baghdad or Boston. We are in a fight to the death with radical, fundamentalist Islam and the course of that war will be decided in Iraq. If we cannot win there, beat them on their home ground, then the next battle will be here in America. And that will likely involve a mushroom cloud.

Are you still in favor of withdrawing?

Serves them right

CBS got their hand caught in the blender over this, and it looks like they’ve taken the right step. CBS Considers Selling ‘The Reagans’

“This is censorship,” one source told Newsweek. “A pressure group has had a major network rip this movie to shreds.”

No, this is responding to market forces. The only thing that happened was the script was leaked to the internet and when people saw how destructive it was, people responded. When CBS realized how polarized the audience was over this, they saw a threat to advertising income. They are, after all, in business to make money and can’t do it if they can’t get advertisers for the show.

This was a bad decision on CBS’s part. Sure, the writers, producers and director might be good at what they do, but in such a circumstance, you need to examine their political ideologies as well. I’m pretty sure it was a foregone conclusion to anybody who looked at these people politically would have seen right away that there was no chance of this being an accurate portrayal.

Now CBS is trying to dump this albatross off on another network. The result will be poor at best. Even if there are massive edits and reshoots, the best Lifetime could hope for is nobody (except the liberal Left) watches it. At worst they can go through the wringer just like CBS is doing now.

The G-Word

Fox News has a compilation of stories in this article, Dangerous Drawings, Calendar Conundrums, but the one I wanted to point out is “The G-Word” one. Michael Newdow is expanding his rail against God. I have written about him before here. The tags aren’t working right, you must scroll down to the article “UNDER GOD.”

Future targets, Newdow promises, include the national motto “In God We Trust,” its inscription on money and singing songs such as “God Bless America” at any event on government property or at government-sponsored events.

This guy is a poster child for “loser pays court costs” in lawsuits. We as a nation can be irreparably harmed if he prevails. Our founding documents declare that we recognize the Creator and everything comes from Him. We cannot afford to lose against this man.



I spent 13 years in the Navy, and picked up the fine art of creative swearing. When you use the phrase ‘swear like a sailor’ you’re setting the bar pretty high. Every other word was the f-word. I used it, depending on the suffix and where it was in the sentence, as a noun, pronoun, verb, adverb and adjective.

I have since expanded my vocabulary, and my abilities to express myself. I no longer need to use such words. I do not put myself in the company of people who use such words. When I do use the f-word, I guarantee that it is a special occasion.

Along comes this article, FCC: You Can Say That on Television and I am perturbed over it.

“The word ‘f***ing’ may be crude and offensive, but, in the context presented here, did not describe sexual or excretory activities or functions. Rather, the performer used the word f***ing as an adjective or expletive to emphasize an exclamation. Indeed, in similar circumstances, we have found that offensive language used as an insult rather than as a description of sexual or excretory activity or organs is not within the scope of the Commission’s prohibition of indecent program content.”

We are already upset and enraged over the amount of time children watch television and how they emulate what they see. To add this into the mix does no good whatsoever. Just imagine your two or three year old learning such a word, and how difficult it is to get them to stop using it. As long as the TV is on and shows that use such language rerun in the afternoon, your children are at risk. Don’t let them do this.


We are responsible

I happened across this article, California Fires Reignite Forest Thinning Debate and I have to cry a little bit.

In Genesis 1:26, God gave man the responsibility to rule over the earth. That means we are supposed to take care of all the animals and all living things. The eco-terrorists are working against that responsibility, thinking that nature is better off being “untouched by man.”

Over 700,000 acres have burned so far this year in California alone, along with the loss of 20 lives and more than 2,600 homes destroyed. Last year, wildfires burned nearly 7 million acres, killed 23 firefighters, destroyed more than 800 homes and cost taxpayers more than $1.5 billion.

No good has come of this policy. The loss of life, both animal and human is appalling. The financial cost is staggering. And for the most part, if we manage the forests like we were told to the costs would be much less, both financially and in lives lost.

We are faced with a decision. Do we cut down 50 trees to save a hundred, or do we lose all 150 to a forest fire. What good is it to “protect” the breeding grounds of the curly-tailed gecko if it gets burned out every five years? How many times must they have to rebuild their population? How many endangered species are lost altogether because their environment was burned down around them? The eco-terrorists have made a decision to lose everything to fire. And their precious forests go up in flames when they don’t have to.

The timber companies realize the importance of “renewable resources.” They plant more trees than they cut down. There are more trees in the US now then there were a hundred years ago by a large margin, because of proper management of renewable resources. Sure it looks bad when you see several acres clear cut at a time, but you need to come back a year later when there are thousands of seedlings planted and happily growing there.

It truly is a sad state of affairs, because the eco-terrorists see the results of their work and ignore it. Or they blame it on us because we didn’t do anything about it when they prevent us from doing anything about it.


Conflict of Interest

Here is an enlightening article, Tax Laws Protect Illegal Workers, and proof that illegal immigration cannot be solved without a major paradigm shift.

Everybody must be fully involved and committed to kicking illegal immigrants out. If one agency does not cooperate, the efforts of the rest are undone. As long as they can find jobs, obtain assistance and other services, we cannot stop the flood. And that is a bad thing. We must starve them out, and we must start now. Confiscatory fines for employers, drop the illegal Mexican immigrants off on the south side of Mexico, immediate deportation for the rest. No respite in the court system, no mercy from the Executive branch. It must be done this way, and it must start today, because it is unfair to those who followed the rules and are here legally. It is the legal immigrants we should be kind to, for they are following the legal American Dream.

My favorite sport…

…is bashing liberals. They are so two faced you never know which one you’re talking to. Jonah Goldberg has a wonderful article, Walk of Shame and fairly skewers the left side of the line.

Rarely has the intellectual rot of liberalism been more evident. Both at home and abroad, the honorable tradition of liberalism – and there is one – has been hollowed out by its own appetite for power and vengeance. Indeed, it is exceedingly difficult to see how liberalism, at the national level, stands for anything but appetite – undirected, inarticulate, unprincipled, ravenous appetite. Truly it has become Bill Clinton’s party.

I guess I can start calling them sharks now, because that is what a shark is. A predatory, implacable appetite that seeks out the weak and then devours them.

I can’t sum it up any better than this article, so I won’t even try. Read and enjoy!

Professional leeches

This article will leave you chuckling. Blood-sucking Leeches talks about out ever-present, professional politicians. This can even apply to the long-term men and women who are truly dedicated to the country’s business.

This is an anomaly of the way our founding fathers intended our system of government to work. They wanted the House of Representatives to be composed of citizen politicians who left their farms, stores and small businesses for a few years to serve their fellow Americans in the House – after which they would return home to continue their professions, living and working under the very laws they enacted.

The Senate was to be composed of distinguished citizens chosen by each state to serve longer terms as stewards of states’ rights against the encroachment of the larger federal government powers.

I cannot sum up my thoughts and feelings better than this quote. I was actually going to use paragraph #3, but upon reflection, I think this sums it up pretty well.


I haven’t been commenting on Rush and his condition on purpose. I figured there was already a couple of terabytes out there and my little 2 cents wasn’t going to do much. Then this article came along, Rush and Hypocrisy.

I guess I’m a hypocrite as well. I hold high moral standards for myself, and try to inspire the same in the people around me. To do the right thing, as it were. But we are all imperfect beings, and as such there are a lot of times we cannot hit what we aim for. To have standards at all puts us ahead of the game. It is the blood, sweat and tears we expend in the name of achieving those goals that we should be proud of. To actually achieve them is but a distant second to the effort we put into trying.

I am familiar with the level of pain that Rush is in. In early 1997 I ruptured my L5S1 disk. The details are unimportant. The pain I felt was immense. I experienced a deep burning from my tailbone up to my kidneys, then a fierce sharp pain reaching from my tailbone all the way down my right leg to my paralyzed foot. I only had to put up with it for a week or two. After the operation, the doctor didn’t prescribe me any postop painkillers, because the relief I felt from what I put up with before the operation made the postop pain feel like a hangnail.

Rush put up with this kind of pain for what, five years? I’d have been popping pain pills like they were M&M’s too. If Rush has been able to operate on the level he did with that kind of pain and doped up, his level after rehab and with pain control will be nothing short of phenomenal.

To be imperfect is the norm. To expect someone to obtain perfection is crazy, and I don’t mean mental illness crazy. It is okay to have high moral values, as long as you try to live up to them. The effort makes all the difference.


FOX carried this opinion piece, A War Casualty We Can’t Afford.

In this post 9/11 world, the last thing we can afford is a ‘measured, proportionate response.’ We had two buildings destroyed, we brought down two countries as payback. If we get a city destroyed, all the world should be scared shitless awaiting our response.

In order to do that, we need intelligence. Clinton gutted the CIA, then hamstrung what was left, forcing it into something like police procedures. There are times that we can only guess at what is going on. I would rather guess that a foreign hostile country had something when they don’t rather than guess they don’t when they do. And you can never tell either way until it’s too late. To wait for confirmed, incontrovertible evidence will be two days too late, and we no longer have that luxury. We are going to lose a city in the next five years, one way or another. The question is, what are we going to do about it, before and after the fact.

Hindsight is always 20/20, and to Tuesday Morning Quarterback the President and his administration is grandstanding at its worst.

Preemption must not become another Washington casualty of the blame game. Yet the doctrine remains on an artificial respirator so long as our pre-war intelligence on Iraq seems so faulty.

I remember a comic, where this one kid sat next to another kid, a bully. The bully was minding his own business for once, but the first kid was so worried about being picked on, he up and knocked the bully flat, unprovoked. To the teacher, he then proclaimed, “I HIT HIM BACK FIRST!”

That is what we must do for now on, until all of the terrorists are dead, play whack-a-mole. Every time a terrorist pops up, we flatten him. No waiting around for a political statement, no response to an attack, kill them before they kill us. That’s the rules the terrorists taught us, how long we are willing to live by those rules is up to us, because we get to choose our leaders. Will we pick one that will take the fight to them, or one that will let them bring the fight to us? Right now we have a man in charge how is taking the fight to them. Yes, we are taking casualties. Yes, it is an expensive war. But the choice is either a) Attacks on our soldiers in Baghdad, or b) suicide attacks on civilians in Boston. There is no inbetween, no grey area, no room for negotiations. One or the other and you, my dear readers, get to choose.

Choose. And choose wisely.

Children in harms way

I am sickened by this, New Jersey Fires ‘Incompetent’ Social Workers for Letting Boys Starve.

These people may be overworked, but it is by their own design. It also proves that there is money to be made in the foster care industry. The sacrifice these children are giving is intolerable.

“I had staff that were either incompetent, uncaring or who had falsified records,” said Department of Human Services Commissioner Gwendolyn Harris. “I have members of this division who have failed children almost to the cost of their very lives.”

I am shocked beyond words to describe this situation. On top of the trauma of having to endure the abuse of their parents, then forced separation from their family, then unimaginable abuse at the hands of the system that is supposed to care for them, these children have been through hell several times.

Authority figures

I found this on Drudge, High school senior came ‘out’ – and was expelled and wanted to comment on it.

The fact that the student was gay is to my comments is unimportant. The fact that I wanted to bring up was the fact that he was asked a very personal and private question by an authority figure. The student told the truth and suffered serious consequences for it.

I for one have learned through my life experiences that you admit to nothing when it comes to authority figures. I don’t mean to lie, and there are times when admitting your guilt is the proper thing to do. In instances where your butt is on the line for some serious consequences, you should keep your mouth shut. I have never been interrogated, nor have I ever done anything that would warrant such a treatment. But if faced with such a situation, I have come to realize that you do more damage to yourself by talking in such a situation, even about the smallest things. The interrogator is not your friend, he is not there to help you, he wants you to admit to something so they can use it against you. Period.

Always remember that.

Kicking a man while he’s down

CBS stepped over a very clearly marked line when they decided to show “The Reagans.” With all of the firestorm created so far, they might give it up, but I doubt it. It is sweeps week after all. I have links to articles here, here, here, and here. throws up.

This pretty much sums it all up.

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