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Made and uploaded a few more ringtones, 448 of them now. Enjoy.

This should be of no surprise

I found a video on YouTube of a Congressional hearing. I have the video below. What it boils down to is, it says in the programming code for the website (I'm not sure if a user actually sees this or not) that the user "has no expectation of privacy."

This means the Federal government cannot obey its own laws on HIPPA security. Working with medical records in my last employment, HIPPA awareness was drilled into me morning, noon and night. The company faced substantial financial penalties from the state, not to mention probable litigation from the members whose data was violated, if there was an inadvertent exposure of medical records. Coupled with the fact that some of the programmers for that website were Belorussian State-controlled programmers, I refuse to let any of my personal data near that website. Here is the video:


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