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I've been banging away on my keyboard. Here's some new articles. In The Armed Citizen, we have: Soldier, Officer, CitizenAccoutrements for training, and What’s your Tueller Distance? In the book reviews there's Prepared: Surviving Worst Case Scenarios. Enjoy!

Nashville school shooter update

Well, if you haven’t paid attention to things about the Nashville school shooting back in March 2023, a “Manifesto” was found, I’m not sure where. There were multiple court battles over the question to release or not release this document.

On November 6th, Louder With Crowder released images of three pages a whistleblower gave them access to. I have published them below.

nashville shooter 1

nashville shooter 2

nashville shooter 3

This is not a “manifesto.” What makes a personal document a manifesto is the author’s desire to release it publicly. This is a girl’s diary. I snuck a peek into a couple girls’ diaries when I was an adolescent and other than the anti-white hate, there’s zero difference. The notes, the art, everything.

I can see why TPTB (The Powers That Be) did not want this released. With many of the preceding mass shooters, their writings were released in days, if not hours. After all, the MSM has to make sure everyone knows about “right-wing racism.” Yet this one was kept under lock-and-key for eight months and still has not been officially released. Because it shows the virulent anti-White racist programming that has and is going on in the name of learning indoctrination.

I do not see any significant difference between this and the Congressional baseball shooting in 2017.
Both shooters were emotionally unstable. The baseball shooter had a long history of police encounters, and both were deeply indoctrinated into Leftist ideologies and talking points. Considering that millions of people have been programmed identically, I find it amazing (in an ironic way) that there have only been two of these “events.”

I am sad that the Nashville Shooter was programmed to kill. I am sad that this two-legged animal decided to send six souls on before them.

I do enjoy some small measure of schadenfreude in the fact that she will go down into the history books under her deadname. She was convinced to run away from who she was, and now she and her legacy will be trapped by what she tried to run away from.

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