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Quick Updates

6/9/24: I funally found the time and a time cirtical issue to discuss. It's coming out Monday morning.

Working on all the other issues too....

When your hate exceeds your reason

The Liberals and Leftists hate Trump with the passion of a thousand suns. And they repeatedly tell their minion Leftoids to hate Trump as well. This hate does not border on irrationality, it has gone miles past it. Because of that, all they can see is GET TRUMP BEFORE THE ELECTION!

To anyone with a modicum of common sense and ability to reason plainly see that every "Lawfare" attack on Trump is contrived and made up from whole cloth. All the Leftists do is prove to us they themselves are the overbearing State Totalitarians they scream and complain Trump is. To only prove the point, it was Joseph Goebbles, the Nazi Propaganda Minister, who said, "Accuse the other side of which you are guilty."

Because the Leftists hate beyond all reason, because they are rushing, because they have to keep the obedient Leftoids from wandering off on their own and getting lost, they got sloppy. They chose a district attorney who's election was funded (indirectly) by George Soros. They chose a district so deep blue it's deeper than Lake Superior (1,333 feet). They chose a judge who is not only a Trump hater, his daughter Loren Merchan is president of Authentic Campaigns, a Chicago-based progressive political consulting firm. A firm that makes their money by using Trump as a Baba Yaga.

I could document in detail how the Leftists should have "taken their shot," but I won't because I'm not getting paid for it. You will have to rest easy that I know how I would take down someone of this stature and not miss.

The origin is a bit ambiguous, but it seems it was Ralph Waldo Emerson writing to a young Oliver Wendell Holmes, said "...when you strike at a king, you must kill him." The Democrats have struck three times now, with this right here being the third flub.

On Friday, June 7th, 2024, Judge Merchan sent this letter to the prosecution and defense lawyers, the important part is right here:

merchan trump letter

I routinely joke on Social Media about having "Serious Men in Bad Suits from Alphabet Agencies who ask Awkward Questions" darken my door. I do have a sneaking suspicion that these people really are darkening Mr. Anderson's door. Will this be a serious thing, or someone intentionally attempting to introduce chaos, panic, and doubt by causing this ruckus, I do not know. What I do know is the full investigative weight of the federal government and New York State is currently being brought to bear on Mr. Anderson (and you have to say it like Agent Smith does in The Matrix) to determine the veracity of the statement.

Since I wrote this post this Sunday morning 6/9 (it is now Sunday night, this publishes in the morning), it seems that Mr. Anderson has been located to a sufficient degree and it has been discovered that he is a self-described "Shit poster," i.e., he pulled a prank, which I suspected due to where and how it had appeared. It "didn't feel right." 

I like Dan Bongino's "Bongino Rule" to wait 48-72 hours before publishing anything so the "additional details" have time to come out. He and I both agree it is better to be correct than be first. I am glad I caught the update before this published.

I have said on this website since 2015 about how Trump personally is a boor and a lout. His first term proved to me his patriotism for the concept of the United States and his clear vision on how to get there. I can only hope he gets elected. I don't vote for or against someone for who they are as a person, rather what they will do with the reins of power.


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