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The harm of transgender sports

With the exception of girls starting their puberty "growth spoke" slightly earlier than boys, across the human life-cycle males are bigger, faster and stronger than females. As Serena Williams put it, "Men's Tennis is a whole different sport from Women's Tennis." 

Transgender athletes are causing havoc to no end in women's sports. When this thing started, the transgender girls had to be "post-op," meaning the "gender reassignment surgery" had been performed and two years of hormonal therapy. Which, at this point, according to the British Journal of Sports Medicine, the performance differences between the transwomen vs. women, and transmen vs. men had become negligible.

Today, however, transwomen are allowed on women's teams as soon as the transwoman "consistently states their new gender." That means no surgery and little to no "gender affirming hormones." In the end, this means the transwoman has all of the strength and speed they had prior to their becoming transwomen.

Within this context, anyone with a modicum of sense could have predicted this: Horrific moment female high school volleyball player suffers serious head injury after transgender girl in rival team lobbed '70mph' ball at her head and struck her.

A transwoman volleyball athlete from Highlands High School in North Carolina spiked the volleyball during a game into the face of an female opponent. It's only an estimate of how fast the ball was travelling, however it is safe to say the speed and power of the spike was at a men's level, not a woman's. The female athlete suffered a concussion, neck and eye injuries. Injuries that will impact the rest of  her life.

Thankfully, someone had an outbreak of common sense, as the Cherokee County school board had decided to forfeit all games against the Highlands High women's volleyball team, presumably as long as this transgender student is on the team.

To me, it is unconscionable to allow pre-op transmen and transwomen to play sports. The transwomen have a clear advantage, and the transmen have a massive handicap. In my previous article, Fixing Trans Sports, I talked about having one league with multiple performance tiers. I don't know if that is THE answer, however it's at least AN answer.

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