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New Immigration Policy

I was thinking the other day about the rampant crime in those deep blue cities, from shoplifting to murder. I had a 3,000 word screed already written, along my direct style of solution. Then I realized, this is what those Leftists want. The Democrats they elected to office told them what they would do. Sanctuary cities, not prosecute “the downtrodden,” and all the rest of it. As a result, the crime, the open drug use, the excrement in the streets, all this was as predictable as the sun rising in the East in the morning.

And because these rank-and-file Leftists don’t associate electing Leftists to office and the (literal) shitstorm they now suffer through, they pack up and move to places that are lower tax, less crime, more freedom and all that in places like Florida, Tennessee and Texas. The bad news is, they didn’t learn their lesson and will start voting Leftists into office, starting the cycle all over again.

So I propose an immigration test. If you decide to move from the Leftists states (California, Oregon, Washington, New Jersey, New York, et.al.) to freedom-orientated states like Florida, Tennessee, Texas, et.al., You need to show your votor registration. While who you voted for is secret and no one can know except you, if your party affiliation has been Democrat for at least the last six years, you are not welcome here. You can’t get a job, a house, an apartment, a drivers license, nothing that would infer residence. You also can’t rent a room for more than three nights without showing cause (work training, convention, visiting family, etc.).

While we heartily welcome those who wish to be free, we refuse to accept people who fouled their own places to live, and move here to repeat that process. Leftists are no longer welcome. Stay in those shitholes, vote the leftists out and vote in those who will undo the damage caused by their predecessors.

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