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Quick Updates

6/9/24: I funally found the time and a time cirtical issue to discuss. It's coming out Monday morning.

Working on all the other issues too....

Kansas Wins!

(Yes, I know I am way behind. Been on an unplanned adventure last week and still recovering.)

On Monday August 2nd, 2022, the Citizens of Kansas voted on a referendum on abortion. In the wake of the Dobbs decision by SCOTUS that let each State determine its’ own laws on the subject, Kansas did just that.

My concern is not over the ballot issue, how it might have been confusing, or even if it passed or not. My point is, the State government presented the issue to the People and the People decided. This is how it's supposed to be. The government determines most of the laws, however on large and ideologically charged subjects, the Legislature should step aside and let the People make the choice.  California has this process of direct democracy, however most of the time the losing side finds a judge that throws out the will of the People.

I am purposely not acquainting myself with the particulars, if it was a win for babies in the womb or for women to kill their unborn children. My being happy or upset with it will not alter the outcome one whit, Nor can I do anything about it as I don't live in Kansas. So I am not going to spend my time and mental energy that could be spent better on things more important to me.

Again, SCOTUS said “let the People decide” and that’s exactly what Kansas did. This is what should have happened in 1973 by SCOTUS returning the issue to the States, making it clear that Abortion is not the purview of the federal government. It's not in the Constitution, directly (find the word "Abortion" in the Constitution, I have $1,000 cash for you right now), nor is it in there indirectly (no branch of the government under the Constitution has the authority to regulate medical care).

This goes for both the Left and the Right: If the state you live in votes differently that what you wanted on abortion or any other issue that’s important to you, the only thing I can suggest is figure out which state has the laws you like the most and move your sorry ass over there and stay there.

We are fifty independent countries, bound together in common cause under a federal government, not subservient provinces of Washington DC. Each State has its’ own personality and its’ own way of doing things. The Garden State, the Empire State, the Volunteer State, the Aloha State and so on. Use the Corsale method to figure out the best place for you and then go to where you’d be happiest.

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