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Quick Updates

6/9/24: I funally found the time and a time cirtical issue to discuss. It's coming out Monday morning.

Working on all the other issues too....

hatWRKS update

Back in June of 2021, I wrote this post, Buy from this hat store. I promised that I would personally buy my next hat from them.

This past Easter weekend, I had three specific stores I had to visit in Nashville, and hatWRKS was one of them. So early Saturday morning, I and my friend Mike loaded up and drove the three hours to Nashville. We had a wonderful Male Bonding Experience.

We pulled up to hatWRKS, and as I approached the door, my heart skipped a beat. I knew I was in love.

hatWRKS Door

I had a nice and long chat with Miss Gigi, the owner and proprietor of this fine millinery. The bad news is her unvaccinated stars of David were packed away and unavailable. I purchased a nice Trilby from her (in cash, of course) and I moved on down the road.

Everything she asks you to say "NO" to above requires you to surrender a part of your freedom. Americans do not willingly surrender freedoms.

Whenever possible, always buy from a local business. Your purchase puts food on their table that night. When you purchase from a corporation, all you do is bump up their 10+ digit bottom line by an insignificant amount."



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