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Sacrificing four children to save one

Innately knowing something as defined by Merriam-Webster as, "originating in or derived from the mind or the constitution of the intellect rather than from experience."

There are certain things we know, and we know them so deep many times we do not really know that we know them. As adults, we forget what it was like when we were children. We forget because it doesn't make sense to our adult consciousness. Let me remind you.

A child is born as a blank slate. They have no preconceptions, no biases. Every day is filled with wonder, amazement and experimentation. Every day has a totally unexplored region just around the corner. They know nothing. They question everything, including about themselves. So, they experiment with everything without preconceptions. And when they want to know, and can't figure it out themselves, they ask questions of those who are older than them. And for the most part, they believe the answers.

This is where it takes the dark turn. When a child brings a question to an adult with an agenda, the child will get the agenda answer, rather than the correct answer. And this is why we have to stop this "transing" of children.

I was recently turned on to Dr, Riittakerttu Kaltiala, A medical doctor from Finland. She has performed and reviewed a dozen studies that all show the same result: 80% of children and adolescents who express a desire to transition, "reconcile" their trans questions back to their gender of birth by 18. In other words, FOUR out of FIVE children who believe they are trans, end up being the gender they were at birth.

Now you tell me. I'm giving you a chance to go down to the casino and put this month's rent down on a single bet and I promise you an 80% chance of winning. Would you do it? What if that chance was 20%? Would you do it then? Except you're not betting the rent here, you are betting on the mental and physical health of your child.

Children are fundamentally different every day of their first 15 years or so. The child you put to bed the night before is not quite the same child who wakes up in the morning. They may say they're the other gender today and a unicorn tomorrow. This is what play is all about. In the end, it is all play and "what if..?" No sensible person would destroy a child's future because of a fleeting statement.

If they want to go through the surgeries, they can do it when they're an adult. Don't do it to them before they mature.

The fact that the percentage of children who declare themselves trans goes up as the age goes down shows it's a hip and trendy thing for them, not "better diagnostic detection." We have to stop transitioning children with puberty blocking chemicals and radical surgery. If a child wants to dress, act and be named as the other gender, that's called "play." If a teenager wants to do the same thing, that would be called "teenage rebellion" and is perfectly natural and expected. Teenagers rebel because that's their way of separating themselves from their parents and family to become their own person. I know it will be a terrible time for the child who is truly trans, and I feel for them. I am concerned about the majority of the children who "grow out of that phase."

Why must we sacrifice four children to save one?

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