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About "What is a Woman?"

I’ll admit right up front that I have not seen What is a Woman? By Matt Walsh in its entirety. I have seen clips. I’m sure it would be cringey and entertaining at the appropriate parts, however in essence, it’s a MOTS (Man On The Street) documentary. A very classy and dignified MOTS, but still a MOTS.

A MOTS is where the interviewer and crew occupy a street corner and ask people to talk with them on camera, then ask them questions on the subject the interviewer is assigned to cover. In an hour or two they might interview twenty to thirty people. When the video gets edited, there’s one smart person who’s very knowledgeable on the subject, and 3-5 people whose knowledge of the subject is best represented in negative numbers that make the cut to be in the video, thus “proving the point” the interviewer was trying to make from the start.

I am moderately sure that Matt interviewed more people than appeared in his video, and he chose the most extreme examples of the Leftists he interviewed. This is not praise or criticism, it is an observation based on prior personal experience. And if I were commenting on a Leftist who had made a similar documentary, the comments and points I just made would be identical. That’s how Conservatives roll.

Personally, in the current political climate and “gotcha journalism,” agreeing to participate in something that is the polar opposite to your beliefs is always a bad choice. To believe that you will beat them, convince them or otherwise win, well Londo Molari from Babylon 5 said it best:


Now let’s get on with the content itself.

Matt, in each interview that I saw, metaphorically dropped a coil of rope between himself and the interviewee, then instructed the person on how to fashion a hangman’s noose, suspend it from the ceiling and hang themselves. Matt didn’t have to coerce, threaten or anything. These Leftists literally hung themselves by their own words, not only willingly, but gleefully. The look in the eyes of these people, going from smug, to confused, to the “awshit” moment when they realize what kind of situation they were in, then fear, and finally a transition to total panic is priceless.

Here’s my main point about Leftists in this video and Leftists in general. They hear a “sound good” idea (as opposed to a “good, sound” idea) and not only agree, believe and proselytize it, they accept it into themselves like it’s an additional vital organ that they can’t live without. These talking points become an integral part of themselves, and to admit the idea is factually wrong, counterproductive, and destructive to their psyche and so on, is to deny themselves. Which is why when forced to see and admit to irrefutable evidence where they are patently, factually and totally wrong, they have a mental (and sometimes physical) grand-mal-like seizure.

The fact that it must be this way with zero variance is another hallmark of Leftists. An action or event assigned to Trump generates a split-flinging apoplectic tantrum, yet the same exact story with “Biden” instead of “Trump” doesn’t even elicit a “so what” response. Their reaction is based on the name or the party, not the act itself.

It also makes perfect sense that when a person has incorporated such blatantly stupid ideas into themselves, any challenge to these beliefs can only be seen as an existential threat against themselves, which warrants the visceral hatred and physically aggressive responses we have come to expect.

This has also brought me to the realization that Leftists are children, emotionally speaking. They latch onto the idea of their choice, much like a six-year-old believes in Santa. And has pretty much the same temper-tantrum reaction as that child who runs to the tree on Christmas morning, only to find no presents and Mom and Dad telling them Santa is not real.

Leftists have nothing outside themselves to measure against. What feels good, right and proper at this moment is accepted as fact, without the foresight that will not necessarily be so in a week or a month.

What I am looking for now is a method to deprogram the knee-jerk reaction and restart an unbiased thought process in my Left-leaning friends and acquaintances. This is a good start.

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