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I have partially fixed the issue with the deep dives for mobile users. You can see the images, however the layout leaves something to be desired...


Also working on my library, I have books that you aren't seeing and now I know why.

Liberty/Liberal safe

In the news, Liberty safes, one of the biggest gun safe manufacturers has just put themselves in some very deep and very hot water. A federal search warrant was issued for a suspected 1/6 participant, and handed to Liberty safes, who then provided a "secret override code" to the feds to open said safe. Except the warrant was for the property the safe is on, not the safe itself.

That secret code right there is why I will never purchase one of their safes. THE FACT THAT IT EXISTS IN THE FIRST PLACE is terrifying to me.

Then it comes out that the CEO of Liberty, who is also a founding partner of Monomoy Capital Partners that bought Liberty in 2021, Justin Hillenbrand, it has been discovered through FEC filings that both Hillenbrand and Monomoy have a long and consistent history of donating to Leftists.

All I can say is, I would not be surprised if their sales drop to zero in the next week, and any ordered but not delivered safes are cancelled.

Backdoor code, roll over on command by the feds, donating to the people who want to take guns away... Three strikes and you're out.

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