liberal, Liberal, Leftist and Leftoid

My definition of my ideological opponents have changed over the years, and has as of right now become stratified. I though I should take the time to clarify these words for you so you understand what I mean.

liberal (Small "L"). The people who fall into this category are also known as "Classical Liberals." The root of the word Liberal is Liberty, and is best defined in this Mirriam-Webster definition of Liberalism. To provide context, JFK was a liberal. JFK was pro-gun, pro-tax cuts, antri-abortion and more. A Conservative and a liberal share the same goals. We both want safe streets, good schools, low taxes, more individual freedom and less government. Our only differences are "how to get there from here."

Liberal (Big "L"). This group is more like the LBJ's of the world. They say they want equality, yet they perpetuate discrimination. The Welfare system was pushed to give "a hand up" to the underprivliged, yet it actually places a hard ceiling and makes it almost impossible for those on Welfare to actually get off it. As Rush Limbaugh said, "Liberals count how many people are on Welfare, Conservatives count how many people have gotten off Welfare." For a clear example, Blacks had a strong nuclear family dynamic in the 50's. The illegitimacy rate of Blacks pre-Welfare was lower than Whites. Today, it's in excess of 70% because to get or stay on welfare you can't have that nuclear family. As soon as a man joins the household, the benefits are cut or eliminated.

Leftist. Basically, Left-wing authoritarians. A Right-wing authoritarian government only demands your physical obedience, you can think what you want. A Left-wing authoritarian government demands a unity of thought, which then manifests itself in a unity of action. Which is why the Communists (Soviet Union, China, North Korea, Cuba, etc.) spent so much time indoctrinating its' citizens with propaganda. This method has had better success in Asian cultures like China than in the Soviet Union, as Russians are way more cynical than Chinese, but they at least mouth the words so they don't get a bullet in the back of the head.

Leftists are actively destroying the individuals ability to reason. Look at recent history. Even 20 years ago, the ideas of transgenderism (let alone transgenderism in children), or non-binary sexuality, normalizing pedophilia, sexualizing children and everything else was unthinkable. In 1999 the thought of changing genders was almost unheard of. Today we hear about transgender infants.

Leftoid. These people are the willing foot soldiers of the Leftists. There is no gentle way to say this. They accept what they are told without question, and repeat it upon command. The problem is, they can say the soundbite, but they can't stand up to any questioning or debate. Ask a Leftoid "What does 'wage slave' mean?" and you will be immediately deluged with insults, getting called a Fascist, a hatemonger and the rest.If you're looking for a calm, rational discussion of the facts, you won't get it from here. "All hat and no cattle" as they say in Texas. They refuse to compromise a nanometer. They want abortion to be legal from conception to six weeks old (yes, there are laws in some States that if an infant dies within 6-8 weeks of birth, there will be no investigation). Leftoids cannot stand that others disagree with their beliefs. They demand everyone else not only accept their talking points, but they must enthusiastically espouse and support them. Anything less and you must be cancelled.

I hope that clears things up for you.

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