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I served in the US Navy when women were introduced on-board auxiliary ships. My second ship, the USS Jason (AR-8) was one of those ships. I could tell stories about the goings on aboard that ship, but those are not germain to the issue that has cropped up with the opening of all combat roles to females. The notion of "equality" extended to its illogical and absurd extreme as exemplified by this recent socio-political mandate from the progressive power structure currently in charge could catastrophically damage morale and combat readiness, as I am sure those in power want to do.

I personally regard the US Marines as the absolute best conventional military ground force in the world. They are our shock troops who will engage you in order with air and artillery strikes, precision rifle fire and then hand-to-hand combat with only their K-Bar, the Marines always get the job done. The last place I want to be anywhere on this world is on the bad side of a Marine.

Don't take just my word for it. This article, Sergeant Major Speaks Out On Women In Combat, is from a 27 year veteran of the US Marines. A Sergeant Major is the highest enlisted rank that you can attain. The term "Sustained superior performer" would fall short of the worst Sergeant Majors evaluation.

In the article, he talks about spearheading a Ground Combat Element Integrated Task Force, a unit developed to evaluate the abilities and capabilities of women as combat troops. Every leader selected for the command staff wanted this to succeed. The women selected were the best of the best of female marines.

This is what the Sergeant Major said about the results:

The best women in The GCEITF as a group in regard to infantry operations were equal or below in most all cases to the lowest 5 percent of men as a group in this test study.

The best female Marine at her absolute best was at most equal to the lowest 5 percent of male Marines. 19 out of 20 male Marines physically outperform every female Marine. Think about that. Do we want an entire fighting force (this includes all branches) to suffer severe structural weakening by forcing women who are by-and-large physically incapable of being effective fighters to serve as combat troops? This has 'catastrophe' written all over it.


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