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I need to say something, but I have to start out in a different direction.

The object of the Masons is to make good men better. We are looking for men who know they can improve themselves. We are not looking for perfect. When a man submits a petition to our Lodge, we do a background check on him. We ask him to his face if he has a criminal record.

If his background check says he has a record and he denies it, we stop the process right there. If a man has multiple felony convictions and he just got out of prison in the past year, we ask him to come back in a couple of years when he has shown he can stay out of prison for a while. If a man made some mistakes in the past, and it's in the past and he admits to them, we look at him. I have personally sponsored a man (now a brother) who has a drug conviction on his record from years past. He explained it, stated that he did everything the court asked him to do and it was expunged from his record. He has not had another problem with the law since.

I bring this up, because it speaks to a mans integrity.

I saw a news article about Robin Speronis, a "poor widow" who was being evicted from her paid-for home because of "code violations" that she doesn't have running water or electricity in her home. I mentioned this in passing to my wife, who did a little more research on her. It turns out this woman was arrested and convicted in 2009 and 2012 for Grand Larceny. She was also arrested in 2012 for a probation violation for failing to pay restitution to her victims from those crimes. Further search-fu by my wife revealed that this woman had swindled multiple people out of thousands of dollars in real estate scams.

She has refused to pay restitution to these people, which led to the probation violation arrest. She also lost her real estate broker license because of this. She is now a "talk show host" preaching "off the grid" living.

I provide these links as a warning, not an endorsement.

She is generating income by book sales and speaking engagements and because she is "fighting Big Brother" she is starting to get people to endorse her. Of course, she is not making up for her crimes by repaying the people she stole from. My point? Pay attention to the person. If this woman had done these larcenies years in the past and had paid restitution, I could have considered taking up her cause. Knowing that these larcenies are recent, and she is not making the effort to make good on her crimes, this new cause appears to me that she is not stopping her criminal behavior and is just changing her methodology of bilking people. Be very careful in all your dealings.

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