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I haven’t been commenting on Rush and his condition on purpose. I figured there was already a couple of terabytes out there and my little 2 cents wasn’t going to do much. Then this article came along, Rush and Hypocrisy.

I guess I’m a hypocrite as well. I hold high moral standards for myself, and try to inspire the same in the people around me. To do the right thing, as it were. But we are all imperfect beings, and as such there are a lot of times we cannot hit what we aim for. To have standards at all puts us ahead of the game. It is the blood, sweat and tears we expend in the name of achieving those goals that we should be proud of. To actually achieve them is but a distant second to the effort we put into trying.

I am familiar with the level of pain that Rush is in. In early 1997 I ruptured my L5S1 disk. The details are unimportant. The pain I felt was immense. I experienced a deep burning from my tailbone up to my kidneys, then a fierce sharp pain reaching from my tailbone all the way down my right leg to my paralyzed foot. I only had to put up with it for a week or two. After the operation, the doctor didn’t prescribe me any postop painkillers, because the relief I felt from what I put up with before the operation made the postop pain feel like a hangnail.

Rush put up with this kind of pain for what, five years? I’d have been popping pain pills like they were M&M’s too. If Rush has been able to operate on the level he did with that kind of pain and doped up, his level after rehab and with pain control will be nothing short of phenomenal.

To be imperfect is the norm. To expect someone to obtain perfection is crazy, and I don’t mean mental illness crazy. It is okay to have high moral values, as long as you try to live up to them. The effort makes all the difference.

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