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The US Military is fantastic for programming our soldiers be effective in killing the enemies of the United States.

The deprogramming and reintegration back into society part they haven't figured out yet.

As a consequence, twenty-two veterans a day complete suicide. I suspect what they go through is very similar to this short. I know what it's like to be mentally tortured by yourself. In my case, the particulars weren't the same, but the end result almost was. Watch this to the end.

If you know a veteran who is struggling, help them reach out to get the help they need.

Because of the Machismo of the military, it is very difficult for them to ask for help. Phrase it to them like this:

"Okay, you're in a firefight. You are pinned down, outnumbered and outgunned. What do you do?"

"Call for the QRF [Quick Reaction Force] and air support. I call for reinforcements."

"Great. Right now, that fight you are having within yourself, you are pinned down, outnumbered and outgunned. Let me call in some reinforcements for you to help you win this battle."


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