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The True Colors of Bernie Sanders

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I usually abhor weighing in on presidential politics as it is a very divisive issue. However, with Bernie Sanders losing to The Hillary by 0.3% (after multiple fraud accusations and six coin flips) in Iowa and then winning Hew Hampshire by 22 points, I feel the need to clarify just what a Socialist is.

Bernie Sanders is listed as an Independent who caucuses with the Democrats. He openly admits he is an avowed Socialist.

A Socialist is defined as "a member of a political party or group that advocates socialism." Which leads to the question, "what is Socialism?"

The Dictionary defines Socialism as, "a theory or system of social organization that advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, of capital, land, etc., in the community as a whole."

This means that the government would own and control everything. Before you think that's a good idea (rather than those evil corporations), consider this:

If you are under 25 years old, you have not lived when the USSR existed. The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics [my italics] was formed out of the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution and dissolved under its own weight on December 26th, 1991. The USSR was exactly as the above definition. The State controlled everything.

For example, the farms that produced food for the USSR were "collectivized" meaning they were controlled by the government. This plan worked so well, the United States was selling great quantities of wheat and other food to the USSR. In the 1970's, the farmers were allowed "small plots" where they could grow food for themselves and sell the extra. Those small private forms outproduced the massive collective farms.

The Purges under Stalin was where at least 20,000,000 (that's 20 Million) Russians died by the hand of their own government. They died from starvation because the State didn't want to feed them, or they were worked to death in "re-education camps." When that wasn't fast enough, the USSR resulted to just shooting them.

As a fine example of how wonderful it was to live under Soviet control, all you had to ask was, "which way were the people running?" In August 1961, the Soviet Union erected the "Berlin Wall," which physically separated West Berlin (under the Control of the US, England and France) from East Berlin (under control by the USSR). That wall was torn down in November 1989. In that time, over two hundred people were killed trying to escape East Berlin into West Berlin. Uncounted hundreds more died crossing the general border from Soviet Bloc countries into "western" countries. Those Cubans trying to flee the "workers paradise" of Cuba (a Socialist State supported by the Soviet Union) would overload rafts and risk their lives crossing 90 miles of open ocean to get away from that kind of government.

Really, how many Americans (or Europeans) made the trip to become citizens of the Soviet State? Pretty close to zero.

Every country founded on Socialist principles has not survived. The producers of each country could not (or would not) produce enough for those who were content on the free ride.

Bernie and The Hillary love to hold Sweden up as an example of "how Socialism works."

Let's take a close look at Sweden and the United States, side-by-side:

Item Sweden United States Comments
Country Size 175,896 sq. mi. 3,805,927 sq. mi. Sweden is 5% of the size of the US, between Texas and California (#'s 2 and 3) in size.
Population 9.8 Million 322.3 Million

Sweden has 3% of the US population, between Michigan and Georgia (#'s 8 and 9).
The City of New York has almost as many people by itself.

Minimum Income Tax 48.3% Zero Sweden's Income tax is for all income over about $2,700/year.
50% of US households pay no Federal income tax.
Sales Tax 25% Under 10% Sales Taxes are local in the US.
New car cost $65,480 $21,342 VW Golf Sedan, $23,386 Cost + 180% tax.
Gallon of Gasoline $6.10 $2.43 Need I say more?

While there are some things you can go from a certain size and scale up to a larger size, I don't think you can take something and literally multiply it by a factor of twenty and expect it to work in the same exact manner.

Please remember facts like this when you think about "Feeling the Bern."

2/16/16 UPDATE: I knew I forgot something! There is a 180 percent tax when you purchase a new car. I have updated the table above appropriately.

Tolerance should go both ways

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I happened across this image on my FaceBook feed and I thought it needed a response. Beware the twist at the end.

to my christian friends

So, let's go down this point-by-point:

If lawmakers wanted to use your tax dollars to support private Muslim schools to teach children Islamic beliefs?

Outside of the school voucher program which allows parents to send their children to private schools of their choice, I am not aware of public dollars being used to support private schools. I am aware of public schools requiring students in public schools to study, dress and pray in Muslim ways, while anything remotely Christian is banned and persecuted.

If police cars and courthouses had the words "Allah be praised" on them?

You are right, many police vehicles and court houses examples display "In God We Trust" in the United States. If for whatever reason I, as a Christian, was living in a Muslim country, I would not object to the five calls to prayer over loud speakers every day and the variations of "Allah be praised" I would be exposed to every day. I would not object because I understand that is the religion and culture of the majority of people in that country.

The majority of Americans are Christian, so expect to see many Christian references in the United States. I would like to point out that a Muslim openly practicing their faith in public in the United States is a lot more able to do so than a Christian trying to openly practice Christianity in Saudi Arabia.

If your son or granddaughter was forced to recite Islamic prayers to be on a public school sports team?

Like I said above, there are children who are forced to practice Islamic customs and prayers in our public schools today. If you have a high school athlete who is Islamic, I am pretty sure the rest of the team would try to accommodate this athlete by making the prayer non-denominational, not mandatory, or maybe even alternate between Christian and Islamic prayers. At least they would have the option.

If presidential candidates said that the U.S. Constitution might be ignored in favor of Islamic teachings?

The U.S. Constitution was written with the concept of the Rule of Law, that all who live in this country live under this law. The man who wrote the Constitution, James Madison, very specifically did not have any religious references in the Constitution. In fact, Article 6 Clause 3 states that " religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States." The First amendment also says that the Congress shall not establish a National Church, "nor prohibit the free exercise thereof." This means if you want to worship, you are able to do so as your faith dictates. If you have no faith, you are perfectly able to do so as well.

The thing is, atheists are living with this every single day, not with Islam, but with Christianity.

Ah, there's the hook. It baits you with the Islamic "fear word" but then for the punch line it tries to make you feel guilty we are "subjecting" atheists to our "religious persecution."

I have a good friend who is an atheist who should be the example for the rest of the atheists. He does not speak bad of any religion and he isn't "militant" about his beliefs. He tells you he is an atheist, but only if you ask. He supports others in their beliefs, without reservation. If someone offers to pray for him, he says, "Thank you" and is sincere in his words. He told me, "If it makes them feel better to pray for me, who am I to object?"

The nice thing about the United States is your freedom. If a group of atheists want to form their own community, no one is going to stop them. If they want to leave this country they are also perfectly free to do so. Too bad there are many places where they would not be received as well as they are here.

The United States is a Republic. It is governed by the will of the majority within the rule of law which protects the minority from the tyranny of the majority. I don't see another country like this anywhere else right now.

One of my earlier writings

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As I said in my previous post, I was moving some papers around in my personal safe when I found this essay I wrote back in 1990. It was for a contest of some sort, I don't remember. Once I found it, I scanned it to PDF so I can never lose it, then ran that file through an OCR reader so I wouldn't have to type the whole ten pages again.

I want to take note that the OCR software handled ship names like Musashi, Derfflinger, Kirishima and Glamorgan without a glitch, but totally hosed New Jersey.

You can find the article in the Other Stuff category at the top of the page, or click here to go to it directly.


An enjoyable find

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I had to open my personal safe tonight to store some papers and I happened to make an amazing discovery: A paper I wrote in 1990 for the US Navy regarding the refitting of the Iowa-Class Battleships. It was printed on a daisy-wheel printer, that's how old this is. I have it scanned and as soon as I convert it to text I will upload it here.

A blatant assault

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These Democrats either have some extremely large cojones or (this is what I'm leaning towards) they are extraordinarily stupid. They could be grandstanding or something else.

No matter what, 123 Democrat Congressmen, about 65% of the total Democrats in the House, are sponsors or co-sponsors of this bill, H.R. 4269.

Normally, these guys are a little obfuscatory in the name of the bill, either short or long. This time, they lay it right out.

The bold and italic is mine.

The short name is, "Assault Weapons Ban of 2015."

The long name is, "To regulate assault weapons, to ensure that the right to keep and bear arms is not unlimited, and for other purposes."

I'm sorry, I don't see how these idiots can expect to pass this bill when they are a minority in both houses. This is why I think they are grandstanding, because if Senator Orrin Hatch (Senate Majority Leader) pulls a Harry Reid, the Senate bill will never be brought to the floor for a vote. And unless a large number of Republicans of both houses join in voting for this bill, it will never see the President's desk.

The core of this bill is the banning of private ownership (except for active and retired Law Enforcement, government agencies and other security personnel) of any "Assault Weapons." If you own one now, you can keep it. For the moment. However, you cannot transfer it to anyone. At your death, it has to go to the government or other authorized dealer.

This bill does not mean Assault Rifles, which can selectively fire a single shot, burst (3-5 rounds) or fully automatic. The term Assault Weapon has come to mean semi-automatic weapons.

The criteria of this bill is as follows:

(36) The term ‘semiautomatic assault weapon’ means any of the following, regardless of country of manufacture or caliber of ammunition accepted:
“(A) A semiautomatic rifle that has the capacity to accept a detachable magazine and any 1 of the following:
“(i) A pistol grip.
“(ii) A forward grip.
“(iii) A folding, telescoping, or detachable stock.
“(iv) A grenade launcher or rocket launcher.
“(v) A barrel shroud.
“(vi) A threaded barrel.

Also, this bill out-and-out bans possession of any magazine that holds more than 10 rounds that was made after the bill becomes law by any private citizen other than law enforcement.

Under the Clinton 1994 AW Ban a weapon needed to have two of their criteria to be outlawed. This time around if the weapon has any of the criteria, it is considered illegal.

And there is no sunset provision, so this one is forever until overturned.

Something fishy is going on here, because the chance of this bill becoming law is so small it can only be seen by an electron microscope. If it does become law, it won't pass Constitutional muster when SCOTUS hears it. There is a fix in here somewhere, or this is a smokescreen to distract us from something else.

Merry Christmas!

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The man known as Jesus of Nazareth has always been shrouded in mystery. Many people see him as many things. Some people have studied what records we have of him intently, others go off second and third hand information.

Our main records of his life and actions, the Holy Bible, have been through at least four revisions. From oral records before being written down in Aramaic, translated to Greek, then to Latin, then to English and other languages. Each translation left something behind and added new things through translation of what the words mean plus the agenda of the translator.

December 25th is most likely not the day that Jesus was born. The shepherds would not have been out in the fields with their flock in the wintertime, as they were when Angels came to them to proclaim the birth of Jesus. It is also documented that the Catholic Church (who has parallels with the Borg) picked this day to bring Pagans and Romans (who respectively celebrated the winter solstice and Saturnalia about the same time) into the Church.

I personally don't care what day we select to celebrate the birth of Christ Jesus (except April 15th).

What is important is we do set aside a day to contemplate the life of a man whose life caused such a change in the entire world that we changed the calendar that we use to measure time from before and after his birth.

This man, God made Flesh, was many things. Healer, teacher, advocate, and even rabble rouser. Do not forget that in Matthew 21:12 he drove the money changers out of the Temple. So disrupting business where it shouldn't be and chasing people with a bullwhip is certainly one of the possible options of "What Would Jesus Do?"

I try to carry two of His examples forward every day.

The first being Mark 12:30-31, "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. The second is this: 'Love your neighbor as yourself.' There is no commandment greater than these."

Did I Stutter

The second one surprisingly is Luke 22:36, "He said to them, "But now is you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don't have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one." If you read this in context, Jesus means 'arm yourself for self-defense.'

I ask that you enjoy yourself today, and if you are a Christian to do your best to carry out His teachings every day of the year. To my friends and brothers of different (or no) faiths, I ask that you also do your best to live up to the moral teachings you hold dear. Use them as a lamp to lead others, not a bludgeon to make others believe as you do.


A space first!

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I haven't written about rocketry in years, since I lost my last rocket. It took most of a year to save up the several hundred dollars for the rocket, motor (the fuel alone was $80), electronics,  parachutes and everything else. I launched it and it never came back. Here is a picture of me with it:


Well, SpaceX has performed a first tonight. They launched a rocket into LEO (Low Earth Orbit) and instead of letting the first stage splash into the sea, they landed it upright and under power back near the launch site.

12/24/15 UPDATE:

I found the short version of the flight on YouTube. Here it is:

Here is a recording of the entire mission, from build-up until after the last satellite was deployed. Jump to the 32 minute mark to see the landing itself.

It ain't cold...

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On this December day, less than 2 weeks before Christmas, it's 71 degrees outside. Unseasonable for Memphis. However it has prompted me to post in my "Other" categories of articles the Cleveland Temperature Conversion Chart.

Women in Combat

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I served in the US Navy when women were introduced on-board auxiliary ships. My second ship, the USS Jason (AR-8) was one of those ships. I could tell stories about the goings on aboard that ship, but those are not germain to the issue that has cropped up with the opening of all combat roles to females. The notion of "equality" extended to its illogical and absurd extreme as exemplified by this recent socio-political mandate from the progressive power structure currently in charge could catastrophically damage morale and combat readiness, as I am sure those in power want to do.

I personally regard the US Marines as the absolute best conventional military ground force in the world. They are our shock troops who will engage you in order with air and artillery strikes, precision rifle fire and then hand-to-hand combat with only their K-Bar, the Marines always get the job done. The last place I want to be anywhere on this world is on the bad side of a Marine.

Don't take just my word for it. This article, Sergeant Major Speaks Out On Women In Combat, is from a 27 year veteran of the US Marines. A Sergeant Major is the highest enlisted rank that you can attain. The term "Sustained superior performer" would fall short of the worst Sergeant Majors evaluation.

In the article, he talks about spearheading a Ground Combat Element Integrated Task Force, a unit developed to evaluate the abilities and capabilities of women as combat troops. Every leader selected for the command staff wanted this to succeed. The women selected were the best of the best of female marines.

This is what the Sergeant Major said about the results:

The best women in The GCEITF as a group in regard to infantry operations were equal or below in most all cases to the lowest 5 percent of men as a group in this test study.

The best female Marine at her absolute best was at most equal to the lowest 5 percent of male Marines. 19 out of 20 male Marines physically outperform every female Marine. Think about that. Do we want an entire fighting force (this includes all branches) to suffer severe structural weakening by forcing women who are by-and-large physically incapable of being effective fighters to serve as combat troops? This has 'catastrophe' written all over it.


Whiny College Students

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I have been sitting back, watching these whiny children at Missiou, Yale, Princeton and other colleges and universities across this country protest and complain about "microaggressions," "lack of safe spaces" and "offensive speech." My old grey cells told me there was a root cause to all of this, but they took their sweet time telling me.

What I am about to state as the reason will probably make you laugh, then dismiss me and my opinion. I ask that you hear me out.

The root causes of these protests.... is hand sanitizer.

It's not actually hand sanitizer itself, there is no chemical in it that is causing this, but rather the concept of hand sanitizer. Physically, hand sanitizer kills bacteria wherever we rub it on us. Our emotional response (and training) from having a first response to anything "dirty" or "yucky" is to reach for that hand sanitizer teaches our children that "you need protection from all of the Bad Stuff in this world.

So, the overprotective parents that carry around fifteen bottles of hand sanitizer teach their children that they are fragile and must be protected (Participation trophies are a different, yet related subject). What we teach our children as they grow forms the foundation for the rest of their lives. When they reach adulthood (chronologically, not emotionally) they still have that "I must be protected from Bad Stuff" ingrained in them. All it now takes is their professors to say "anybody who doesn't agree with you, regardless of the facts" is bad. Bad = must be protected from.

The end result are the future leaders of our country are afraid of and refuses to listen to or consider any idea that they don't agree with. Facts and real world consequences are immaterial and do not matter to what is going on in their heads. They want what they want because they want it, and because they want it they must have it and that's the only justification needed.

So we have a generation of "intellectuals" who are basically begging the government to "protect them" against things that scare them. These whiny children demand safe spaces where they can go if they are traumatized because they were exposed to a person with a different idea on any given subject, someone used words they didn't like or they saw a sticker of a Confederate flag on a laptop 50 feet away.

They demand that they be relieved of their financial obligations (their student loans) and their education be at no cost to them, never mind someone has to pay for the services and learning they want to receive. It's okay that a government already $18 Trillion in debt pays for their education with money that doesn't exist. They also demand a $15 minimum wage, not realizing that artificially increasing the minimum pay decreases job opportunities and removes the incentive for people to improve their skills.

I was raised on the silly concept where you should listen to people who have different ideas, concepts and views on life, because that is how we learn and grow mentally. Where you should perform hard mental reasoning to determine what you believe in and why those concepts resonate with you. I realized early on I don't know everything and the axis the world turns on did not go through the top of my head. I didn't always follow my own advice, and when I didn't the world gave me a good, solid thump on the head to let me know when I was being stupid.

I was raised to be financially independent. The only two times I have been on public assistance was when I was disabled and when I was unexpectedly laid off. Both times I was ashamed to be in the position where I had to accept that assistance and when the first opportunity presented itself for me to get off public assistance I took it. 

This generation coming of age now are actively and willingly forging their own chains of slavery. They are perfectly fine with the idea of the government taking care of them so they don't have to do the hard thinking of determining their own path and destiny.

Do Not Panic!

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If you're getting errors while looking around, do not panic. I am working on files in the background and you'll get that if I set something incorrectly.

Another Step Closer

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I've been working in my copious free time to update and standardize the URLs of my websites. I finally got the status of this part from "active working on" to "maintenance mode." Now all I have left to do (besides posting new content) is to standardize the format of the posts and fill in 10 years or so of back posts.

The best comic to date

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There is a webcomic out there called Day-By-Day. It starts out in 2002 as the day-by-day events of four co-workers. You have Zed, who is in design, Sam who is a female engineer, Jan, who is in marketing and is a radical Liberal, and Damon, a conservative black male who I think was a software coder. if you read the entirety of the archives, you will find out things about them. Such as Zed, who seems a bit ditzy, was a special forces sniper and has a Sam Elliot lookalike for a dad. These four pair off (Zed and Sam, Damon and Jan), fall in love, get married and move forward together. I won't relate the entire timeline, go read it.

What prompted me to write this post today is today's comic. In two frames and three speech balloons, it clearly describes the contempt our current Liberal Elite Ruling Class has for the military and citizens of this country, and the disdain our military has for those who give the orders they are following for the moment. The twist from the last balloon is Haiku-ish, and to me almost perfect.

Day-By-Day Comic 11-21-2015.

Breaking Things

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... In a good way.

I purchased a module for Joomla that gives me total control over the URLs of my websites to improve my Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Because of this, if you have permalinked anything to my blog, you need to update your links unless you used the "raw" Joomla URL.

Also henceforth, all of the links on my past FB posts are now "broken" as well. I will have to see about going back and fixing them.

The latest attacks

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WARINING: The following post is filled with profanity, brutality, violence and TRUTH. Read it at your own peril.

So, Paris was attacked, and 145 are dead. Did you hear about the 41 dead and 181 wounded in Lebanon the day before the Paris attacks? How many heard about the 2,000 killed by Boko Haram a couple of months ago? Are Lebanese or African lives somehow worth less than French lives? It should not matter where or how people are killed by radical Islamists, apparently the Liberal media which buried said stories, it does.

The French brought this upon themselves. They welcomed Muslim refugees with open arms. Who remembers when the Paris suburbs were in flames because of riots by Muslim immigrants back in 2005?

I do not blame the Muslim faith. I blame the culture of that part of the world. I blame how they literally interpret the Qu'ran, which is like the Bible and Torah. They are written in parables. Trouble always results when you take parables literally. The Qu'ran speaks respectfully of the "Children of the Book" which means Jews and Christians. The God of Mohammed is the God of Abraham and Mohammed clearly says so.

The Muslim faith states that women must "dress modestly." In Saudi Arabia women and girls starting from their first menstruation are forced to wear an abaya, or head to toe veil to hide themselves. Women cannot leave the house without a male member of the family to accompany them and they must walk behind said male family member, this is not in the Qu'ran. Years ago when a school for girls caught fire, the "religious police" forced them to stay inside and die because they were not wearing their abayas. How they do things over there is how they do things over there and how they do things should stay over there. That is their business and if I were to travel over there as a guest of their country I would do my best to conform to their societal norms while I was there. I expect them to return the courtesy if they travel over here. Instead, we are seeing case after case where they travel here and expect us to adhere to their societal norms. Ain't gonna happen.

The bottom line is, I am growing weary of this. We have been dancing around the issue and solution for years. I am tired of sending our troops to die in foreign lands and we don't finish the job because our "leaders" don't have the testicles to go all the way.

I want this to end. I want the "moderate" Muslims to solve the problem of their radicalized brethren by themselves.

We seal the borders around Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and wherever else there are radical Islamists. That means no one in, no one out. Every time a goatfucker jumps up and yells "DEATH TO AMERICA!" or some other garbage, we erase the village, town or city where he was. Biblically erase, as in "no stone shall stand upon another." Sterilize the place of all life, all the way down to the bacteria. As an incentive to the moderate Muslims, repeat the process for the five nearest towns. Either the moderates will get the message and start controlling the radical elements of their religion, or we run out of those kind of Muslims.

Our Liberal overlords are teaching our children that guns are bad and we should show compassion and respect for all societies and religions (except Christianity). Their children are being taught how to shoot AK-47's and how to kill our children. Just how do you think this will end?