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I have been sitting back, watching these whiny children at Missiou, Yale, Princeton and other colleges and universities across this country protest and complain about "microaggressions," "lack of safe spaces" and "offensive speech." My old grey cells told me there was a root cause to all of this, but they took their sweet time telling me.

What I am about to state as the reason will probably make you laugh, then dismiss me and my opinion. I ask that you hear me out.

The root causes of these protests.... is hand sanitizer.

It's not actually hand sanitizer itself, there is no chemical in it that is causing this, but rather the concept of hand sanitizer. Physically, hand sanitizer kills bacteria wherever we rub it on us. Our emotional response (and training) from having a first response to anything "dirty" or "yucky" is to reach for that hand sanitizer teaches our children that "you need protection from all of the Bad Stuff in this world.

So, the overprotective parents that carry around fifteen bottles of hand sanitizer teach their children that they are fragile and must be protected (Participation trophies are a different, yet related subject). What we teach our children as they grow forms the foundation for the rest of their lives. When they reach adulthood (chronologically, not emotionally) they still have that "I must be protected from Bad Stuff" ingrained in them. All it now takes is their professors to say "anybody who doesn't agree with you, regardless of the facts" is bad. Bad = must be protected from.

The end result are the future leaders of our country are afraid of and refuses to listen to or consider any idea that they don't agree with. Facts and real world consequences are immaterial and do not matter to what is going on in their heads. They want what they want because they want it, and because they want it they must have it and that's the only justification needed.

So we have a generation of "intellectuals" who are basically begging the government to "protect them" against things that scare them. These whiny children demand safe spaces where they can go if they are traumatized because they were exposed to a person with a different idea on any given subject, someone used words they didn't like or they saw a sticker of a Confederate flag on a laptop 50 feet away.

They demand that they be relieved of their financial obligations (their student loans) and their education be at no cost to them, never mind someone has to pay for the services and learning they want to receive. It's okay that a government already $18 Trillion in debt pays for their education with money that doesn't exist. They also demand a $15 minimum wage, not realizing that artificially increasing the minimum pay decreases job opportunities and removes the incentive for people to improve their skills.

I was raised on the silly concept where you should listen to people who have different ideas, concepts and views on life, because that is how we learn and grow mentally. Where you should perform hard mental reasoning to determine what you believe in and why those concepts resonate with you. I realized early on I don't know everything and the axis the world turns on did not go through the top of my head. I didn't always follow my own advice, and when I didn't the world gave me a good, solid thump on the head to let me know when I was being stupid.

I was raised to be financially independent. The only two times I have been on public assistance was when I was disabled and when I was unexpectedly laid off. Both times I was ashamed to be in the position where I had to accept that assistance and when the first opportunity presented itself for me to get off public assistance I took it. 

This generation coming of age now are actively and willingly forging their own chains of slavery. They are perfectly fine with the idea of the government taking care of them so they don't have to do the hard thinking of determining their own path and destiny.