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I happened across this image on my FaceBook feed and I thought it needed a response. Beware the twist at the end.

to my christian friends

So, let's go down this point-by-point:

If lawmakers wanted to use your tax dollars to support private Muslim schools to teach children Islamic beliefs?

Outside of the school voucher program which allows parents to send their children to private schools of their choice, I am not aware of public dollars being used to support private schools. I am aware of public schools requiring students in public schools to study, dress and pray in Muslim ways, while anything remotely Christian is banned and persecuted.

If police cars and courthouses had the words "Allah be praised" on them?

You are right, many police vehicles and court houses examples display "In God We Trust" in the United States. If for whatever reason I, as a Christian, was living in a Muslim country, I would not object to the five calls to prayer over loud speakers every day and the variations of "Allah be praised" I would be exposed to every day. I would not object because I understand that is the religion and culture of the majority of people in that country.

The majority of Americans are Christian, so expect to see many Christian references in the United States. I would like to point out that a Muslim openly practicing their faith in public in the United States is a lot more able to do so than a Christian trying to openly practice Christianity in Saudi Arabia.

If your son or granddaughter was forced to recite Islamic prayers to be on a public school sports team?

Like I said above, there are children who are forced to practice Islamic customs and prayers in our public schools today. If you have a high school athlete who is Islamic, I am pretty sure the rest of the team would try to accommodate this athlete by making the prayer non-denominational, not mandatory, or maybe even alternate between Christian and Islamic prayers. At least they would have the option.

If presidential candidates said that the U.S. Constitution might be ignored in favor of Islamic teachings?

The U.S. Constitution was written with the concept of the Rule of Law, that all who live in this country live under this law. The man who wrote the Constitution, James Madison, very specifically did not have any religious references in the Constitution. In fact, Article 6 Clause 3 states that " religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States." The First amendment also says that the Congress shall not establish a National Church, "nor prohibit the free exercise thereof." This means if you want to worship, you are able to do so as your faith dictates. If you have no faith, you are perfectly able to do so as well.

The thing is, atheists are living with this every single day, not with Islam, but with Christianity.

Ah, there's the hook. It baits you with the Islamic "fear word" but then for the punch line it tries to make you feel guilty we are "subjecting" atheists to our "religious persecution."

I have a good friend who is an atheist who should be the example for the rest of the atheists. He does not speak bad of any religion and he isn't "militant" about his beliefs. He tells you he is an atheist, but only if you ask. He supports others in their beliefs, without reservation. If someone offers to pray for him, he says, "Thank you" and is sincere in his words. He told me, "If it makes them feel better to pray for me, who am I to object?"

The nice thing about the United States is your freedom. If a group of atheists want to form their own community, no one is going to stop them. If they want to leave this country they are also perfectly free to do so. Too bad there are many places where they would not be received as well as they are here.

The United States is a Republic. It is governed by the will of the majority within the rule of law which protects the minority from the tyranny of the majority. I don't see another country like this anywhere else right now.