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People who prank others are bullies that are in denial about being bullies. I understand that there are shades to this. My standard to this is, if you are actively interfering with the actions of another as they go through their life, even if you are just "having fun," you are bullying others.

This is a case in point. The audio is NSFW.

This bully decided to modify his R/C car with the intent of moving golf balls on the nearby green. This guy actively planned and worked to negatively impact other peoples day.

One of the golfers that was bullied decided to do something about it. He took his golf club and gave a whack to said R/C car, seriously damaging it. At this point the bully rushes out to save his car and is genuinely angry about his victim not acting like a victim and destroying the R/C car. The bully and his cameraman also almost get their ass kicked by the golfers.

I see this as a simple situation. If the bully didn't send his car to bother those golfers, I am 100% sure his R/C car wouldn't have been destroyed by the golfers.

We are never going to get rid of bullies. That personality type is part of the human condition. There will always be people who are insecure about an aspect of their life and use bullying others they think are inferior to them to improve their internal self-worth. When I grew up, bullies were eventually taught that their actions became personally expensive. Either by a destruction of their things, or they were beat down. Once the bully received the "training" that being a bully had short-term emotional gains that led to a more expensive results from the people who grew tired from being picked on, they generally stopped being bullies.

All it took is them realizing that the "expenses" of being a bully is more than the "income" from being said bully.