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Last week, I received an unexpected call from my supervisor to come over and see him. I immediately made the 10 minute transit to his office to see what was up.

He was reluctant to give me the bad news I had actually been expecting for a while. You see, I was hired to my current job to develop and maintain the company website and manage the social media. The social media side didn't work out (a long story that I'm not going to get into) and I have brought the website to fruition and it is currently in "maintenance mode." At the last Board of Directors meeting, it was decided that my position be curtailed to the hours necessary to maintain the website. I am being cut back from 40 hours a week to 8.

As my supervisor sadly relayed this information to me, his assessment of my was confirmed beyond all doubt.

Like I said, I had been expecting this for a while. After the initial shock had passed, my first question was, "Is there anything I can do for the company that will allow me to keep my hours up?"

I subscribe to a cycle that everyone goes through many times a day. Something happens to you. That event produces a feeling inside of you. You assign a thought to that feeling, then you make a decision on how to act based on that thought before you actually react to what happened to you. Many people run through that entire cycle without pause. They let the most important part of that cycle go by without consideration. Because you can control everything after the feeling. You can pause that cycle to actively consider and choose the thought, decision and action you take based on that feeling. Or you can "knee-jerk" (reflexively) act.

Most people would be shocked and scared to know they are taking an 80% pay cut. Many people would have an angry or belligerent response. My response was to see what I can do different to help the company.

My supervisor, Cordell Walker is a man of great personal integrity and character. I have known him for years and he became my friend long before he was my supervisor. How he carries himself gives you the impression that he is like a granite obelisk. Tall, solid and unshakeable. He gave his honest assessment of me, stating he was pretty sure that would be my response to the news. He is impressed every day with my professionalism, demeanor and outlook on my job and my life. He knows and supports my first objective, the financial security and stability of my family.

With friends like him, I cannot fail.