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Some people collect stamps, others collect cars. I collect "Markisms," those statements that reflect life truths.

If you hear a wise sentence or an apt phrase, commit it to your memory. - Sir Henry Sidney


I started collecting these in the 80's. I started writing down the bumper stickers I saw on cars and it has grown massively since then.

All of these speak to me in different ways. If you are easily offended, please go no farther because I promise you, some of these will piss you off to no end. Here is a CSV file of my now 2,400+ wisdoms are full of biting wit, puns, political statements and double entendres. They will make you laugh, make you cry, make you angry and inspire you. Above all, I hope they make you think.

If you can't handle them all at once, I post five randomly chosen Markisms every weekday at 7:30am Central on one of my Facebook Pages. Please like and share it.

I admit, some of them are dated. If you don't know what a console television was, you won't understand, "Sex on television can't hurt you... unless you fall off." If you have never driven a car from the 60's or don't know who old Ralph is, the wisdom, "Ralph Nader passes on the right" will escape you.

When I know the source, I give credit to who said it.


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