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This is a difficult question to answer. Everyone has their own definition on what Conservatives are or are not. This is mine.

  • A Conservitive has a moral compass. This usually (but not always) means they believe in a Higher Power. He (or She) has too many names to count. Be it God, Yawyeh, Jehoviah, Allah, Buddha, I don't care. The belief of a Higher Power that you must strive to hold yourself accountable to the laws and ideals set down by that Higher Power is what is important.


  • A Conservatve believes in the rule of law. These laws should be as few as possible and clear in their wording and intent so the citizen can conduct their affairs in compliance with them. When the laws of Man become so vague and onerous to the point you cannot conduct your daily lives without violating some law, be it through action or inaction, that is too many laws.


  • A Conservative believes in Freedom in its many forms. Legal, religious, economic, you name it. Any unreasonable constraint, be it against an individual, group or everyone should not be allowed.


  • A Conservative is concerned about their character, integrity and reputation. These personality traits takes years to build, seconds to destroy.


  • A Conservative is concerned about Equality for all. Equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome. You should be able to achieve what you are able to, without constraint by government. Some of us will have more than others. While in some cases this "more" might by be through luck, in most cases it is through hard work.


  • A Conservative believes in compassion and love. Compassion for those less fortunate, who have been knocked down my misfortune. Compassion to help them up and move forward, not to help them stay down in perpetuity. We should look in our neighbor's bowls only to see if they have enough. Love for all people, no matter their gender, ethnicity, skin color or sexual orientation that are willing to accept and return that love. If I don't like you, it's not because of anything other than you don't treat me or others nicely.


  • A Conservative believes in forgiveness. People are imperfect and will make mistakes. How you recognize and correct yourself after that mistake tells me about your character.

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