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I am, have been and will continue to be described (not defined) by many labels.

Husband, father, veteran, advocate, wargamer, amateur wordsmith. Who I was at 20, 30, 40 and 50 is not who I am today. The only person I compare myself to is who I was yesterday. I strive to be better than who he was, most of the time I succeed.

I was raised in a middle-class two-parent family in the Rust Belt. My parents, both WWII veterans, instilled in me a respect and love for this country and the concept of Personal Freedom and Rugged Individualism. I learned what I needed to know in school and what I wanted to learn out of school. I graduated from High School and left home for the Navy with nothing more than the clothes on my back, a small bag with personal effects and the knowledge in my head.

I served in the Navy for as I say, "thirteen years, two months and four days, but who was counting?" During that time, I have been across the Pacific past the Dateline and back. I was an Electronic Technician who worked on radios, radars and computers. I have been on my ships security detail and fire party, I have also driven boats for SEALs.

I have done and experienced many things in my life. From seeing the Green Flash and the glorious firmament of the Heavens from a darkened ship at sea, to the birth of my son and even more, I am humble because I came from the Earth. I am also a marvelous being for I am made of stars.

I have worked many different types of jobs. Salesman, entrepreneur, manual laborer, technician, manager and counselor are a short list of my job titles. I have never shirked performing any kind of legal labor. My only criteria is that I am able to support myself and family.

For hobbies and other types of entertainment, I have been a scuba diving instructor, rocketeer, and practical pistol shooter. After work, I am either with my family or gaming in one form or another.

Fear is not in my makeup. I have lost everything of value once in my life, almost a second time. I have stared Death himself in the face multiple times and made him blink. I'm the guy who shouts "Manager! Five in the line!" when only one checkout is open. I was a Mason and forced them to expel me because of their stances.

This blog is for both of us. It is to inform you, not only about my Conservatism, but to tell you about my mental illness. Yes, I am just like everybody else now, but that was not so back around the turn of the Millennium. You can go back and read my beginning blog posts to get an idea of what an out of control mental illness is like.

If you are currently experiencing psychiatric symptoms, don’t give up. Ever. I didn’t, and I have achieved and done many things since the development of my illness. I want to give you hope and encouragement that you can win as well. Any positive step, no matter how small, is good. Just. Don’t. Stop.